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How Healthy Are You?


Beer's Health Benefits

Brewing Health Benefits

By John Salak – Americans just love their beer. It is their favorite alcoholic drink by far. Doesn’t matter the form or source—larger or ale, big brewery or craft maker—U.S.

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Cancer causing foods

Risky Foods to Avoid?

The Skinny: Can foods cause cancer? It is debatable, and there are all sorts of provisos surrounding any suspect. Unless there is contamination or other unusual factors, moderation is always

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The most common addictions plaguing America

The Addiction Plague

The Skinny  Addiction is rampant in the United States. It is a compulsion or dependence that can take many forms, virtually all of them harmful to the individuals directly involved,

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Seven Fresh Takes On Making Your Favorite Eggnog Drink

Nog, Who’s There?

By Saskia Salak – Sugar, spice and everything nice. These are the ingredients to create the perfect…holiday cocktail? Nothing says winter wonderland like the boozy embrace of a tall glass

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