Finding A Good Personal Trainer Five Tips for Hiring a Trainer - By WellWell

Credential Check

Ask to see the trainer’s educational background and current accreditation credentials.

Source: Acefitness

Ask for references from ongoing or previous clients with similar goals and situations. Gather information on the trainer’s approach and whether they are professional, prepared, punctual and motivational.

Rely On References

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A trainer must have a compatible personality and communication style. Assess how intense and upfront a trainer is and their commitment to reaching goals.

Determine Compatibility

Source: Nerdfitness

Be upfront about your medical issues to detect whether the trainer has experience dealing with similar issues and how it may impact the training program.

Medical Disclosure

Source:  Medfitnetwork

Rates can range from $50 to $150 per hour, depending on their credentials, experience and location. Find the right trainer at a price that makes sense in creating an effective program.

Budget Matters

Source:  Trainwithkickoff

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