Stop Sugar Cravings Seven Strategies to Consume Less - By WellWell

Distract & Conquer

When a sugar craving hits, jumping into an engaging activity may be the solution to fighting the craving.

Source: Cambridge University Press

Practice the technique of imaginal retraining where your craving can be decreased when simply imagining yourself moving away from something you want, like sugar.

Mind Over Cravings

Source: UKE Hamburg

There is growing evidence that hypnosis can strengthen a person’s ability to make conscious choices—like eliminating sugar cravings.


Source: Healthline

This involves visualizing a sugar-heavy food, stamping it with a rating and spouting phrases that acknowledge the craving, while finger-tapping on bodily meridian points.

EFT Tapping

Source:  The Chalk Board

Sometimes holding off on surrendering to a craving will offset the urge—and with it the sugar-based consumption.

Delay Means Discard

Source:  AARP

People with sugar cravings need to avoid hyper-palatable foods like sugar because they can trigger unhealthy cycles. Move to protein snacks and water to cut these problems short.

Avoid Sugar Magnets

Source:  Harvard School of Public Health

If sugary foods are not available, they can’t be eaten. Making these goods hard to get decreases their positive attraction and in turn, healthier less sugary foods become more attractive.

Remove Temptation

Source:  AARP

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