The Sweet Benefits of Lemons Kill Kidney Stones & Fight Scurvy - By WellWell

Shed Pounds

Drinking lemon-flavored water instead of sugared alternatives can help shed 10-16 pounds of flab per year.

Source: HealthMatch

Lemons hold an enormous amount of potassium and aid in regulating blood pressure.

A Body Balancer

Source: Phable

Lemons deliver antioxidants that prevent the oxidation of cholesterol and help battle related diseases.

Delivers Antioxidants

Source: Phable

Lemons deliver vitamin C and citric acid — both of which promote iron absorption.

Fights Anemia

Source: Healthline

Once metabolized, lemons speed the extraction of nutrients and decrease food absorption, which reduces blood sugar spikes.

Aids Digestion

Source: Cleveland Clinic: health essentials

Lemons hold citric acid, which makes the urine less acidic and reduces the chance of generating kidney stones. 

Battles Kidney Stones

Source: Healthline

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