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The Sweet Benefits of Lemons

Kill Kidney Stones & Fight Scurvy

Health benefits of lemons

The Skinny:

Not everyone is a lemon aficionado, so for those who aren’t, here are a few tidbits on Citrus limon. They come from a flowering plant tree that can live up to 150 years. There are three main types of this fruit: acidic, rough and sweet; Christopher Columbus introduced lemons to the New World in 1492 when he brought seeds along on his famous voyage of discovery and planted them in Hispaniola. Oh yes, Americans love lemons. The U.S. is, in fact, the world’s third-largest consumer of these fruits, squeezing down almost 1.5 million metric tons annually. If that is not enough to spark enhanced interest in these fruits, there’s more. Lemons pack a tremendous health punch. Read on.

The Slate:

Can Shed Pounds 

Lemons can help people lose weight in several ways. Drinking lemon-flavored water instead of sugared juice or soda can save someone 10-16 pounds of flab per year. A lemon’s pectin fiber also makes individuals feel fuller, discouraging overeating. These tangy fruits also help shed pounds by lowering serum triglycerides.

A Body Balancers 

Lemon juice can optimize the body’s balance of electrolytes by eliminating excess fluid through urine. Lemons also hold an enormous amount of potassium and aids in regulating blood pressure by fostering the absorption of calcium and magnesium.

Delivers Antioxidants 

These yellow fruits deliver antioxidants like vitamin C and flavonoids hesperidin and eriocitrin.

Together they prevent the oxidation of cholesterol, which not only help lower blood pressure but also battles related diseases.

Fights Anemia 

Lemons may not hold a lot of iron to battle anemia, but they deliver lots of vitamin C and citric acid—both of which promote iron absorption. They specifically reduce the risk of anemia by aiding the absorption of “non-heme” iron from plant foods.

Aids Digestion 

Lemons help digestion in several ways. Once metabolized, lemons speed the extraction of nutrients and decrease food absorption, which reduces or prevents blood sugar spikes. Chowing down whole lemons also delivers soluble fibers in the pulp containing pectin. In turn, lemon water can relieve gas and constipation, which is good for the tummy.

Battles Kidney Stones 

Lemons hold citric acid, which may be a good thing when preventing kidney stones. They make the urine less acidic, which reduces the chance of generating stones. Their impact on urine may even be able to break up small stones. The National Kidney Foundation goes as far as suggesting drinking four ounces of lemon juice concentrate mixed with water as a dietary aid for preventing battling kidney stones, along with other prescribed medication.

Fights Scurvy 

Lemons are the answer for anyone battling scurvy or for those worried about it. Okay, maybe not that many people are, but it helped 18th Century sailors with the disease. One lemon can thwart the onset of scurvy by providing approximately 40 percent of a person’s daily vitamin C requirements.

Eyes Up: 

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