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The Natural World

Tick with its head sticking in human skin, red blotches indicate an infection

Tricking Ticks Off

The Skinny: How can such a small thing, like a tick bite, create such big problems? WellWell’s advice is to worry less about this and more about prevention and consequences.

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Beautiful large African Lion laying down with trees in the background

Turning Lions Into Lovers

By John Salak – Lions are magnificent, noble and ferrous creatures. Cuddly and calm, however, are not attributes that come to mind when thinking about these big cats. That could

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Allergy season is getting worse every year

Allergy Seasons To Get Worse

By John Salak – Hey, here’s some disconcerting news. Allergy season traditionally starts much earlier and extends longer than many people realize. In fact, spring allergies begin in February and run well

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7 creepy crawlers you want in your garden

Don’t Get So Bugged Out

The Skinny  Okay, spring is finally here, the days are longer and warmer and there is the chance to spend more time outside, perhaps gardening or just hanging out. Great.

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Eight schools leading the way in practicing sustainability

College-Bound Clean Up

The Skinny  Each year, millions of students enroll in colleges and universities across the United States. They choose their institution for all sorts of reasons that include academic programs, reputation,

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