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WellWell is an accessible, interactive and entertaining online source of news and information that is redefining the concepts of living well and feeling good. A daily destination for insights, information and inspiration, WellWell provides an expansive range of information on fitness, nutrition, emotional support, medical treatments, body care, exercise, social engagement, mental health, mature health concerns, child development and our essential connection to nature and the animal kingdom, including our pets. We also offer our readers exclusive deals and promotions on a host of unique products and services. Ultimately, our cutting-edge design makes it easy to get news, explore products, find services, discover events and meet people. In WellWell, we’ve created an online emporium where everyone is welcome and every aisle leads to a healthier, happier you.

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News To Live By
A constant source of stories that explore the latest on research, developments and controversies involving health, well-being, treatments and practices.

Health Gurus Serve Answers
Honest and entertaining Q&As with experts, authorities and authors on cutting-edge topics that are reshaping our approach to living, eating, playing and interacting with each other and the environment.

Focusing on People, Products, Services & Events
Tight hits on unique and interesting products, people, services and happenings in the health and wellness universe.
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The Lite Side Of News

An irreverent look at hot topics and happenings in the health and wellness world by staff writers and guest columnists.

A1 Minds Stop By
Industry leaders from across the country provide their own takes on what’s shaping our health and well-being for better or worse.

Your Daily Dose
Amusing, lean and enlightening video factoids delivered to your doorstep every morning.

Your Feel-Good Fix
A free digital newsletter delivered to subscribers that summarizes our major news stories and columns, provides exclusive content and offers special deals and coupons for area services, products and events.

The Squad

John Salak

Accordion Content

John Salak is a communications professional with more than 30 years of experience in the United States and Europe. An award-winning journalist and editor whose experience includes a five-year assignment in London for United Media, his work has appeared in USA Today, The Financial Times, Newsday, Conde Nast Traveler, Crains New York Business, Food & Wine, American Banker, Executive Business Travel and Woman’s Day, among others. Credits also include five books that range from Violence in America (The Millbrook Press, 1995) to The Best of New York (Gault Millau Inc., 1995). Among other management positions, he served as Editor-in-Chief of tele.com, an award-winning business magazine founded by The McGraw-Hill Companies. He has appeared on CNN, Fox News and Bloomberg TV outlets, commenting on business and technology issues. He is the recipient of two Jesse H. Neal/American Business Awards. Mr. Salak is also the founder of The Salak Group Inc., a strategic communications group that supports a wide range of companies, organizations and individuals in the U.S., Asia and Europe.

Staci Smith

Accordion Content

Staci Smith is a seasoned business manager and marketing professional with experience operating all facets of consumer promotions and event marketing campaigns.  She has launched event marketing and promotions groups within marketing firms, leading to hundreds of highly successful programs for blue chip brands and Fortune 500 companies including Kellogg’s, P&G, Schick, Dunkin Donuts, Keurig, Green Mountain Coffee and the McDonald’s Corporation, among others

As a graduate of Ohio University with a major in Communications and minor in Journalism, she has helped streamline processes and deliver productivity within the back-office functions of marketing firms including procurement, operations, warehousing, finance, IT and HR.

At WellWell, Ms. Smith oversees business development and marketing.

Lauren Gutermuth

Accordion Content

Lauren Gutermuth is an emerging communications professional with particular experience in social media management. A graduate of Iowa State University, she holds a degree in advertising and psychology.  Her background includes working with various arts organizations, while also developing networking platforms for young professionals. At WellWell, Ms. Gutermuth is responsible for building the group’s social media along with supporting other marketing and branding initiatives.

Kathy Driscoll

Accordion Content

Kathy Driscoll is a highly experienced journalist specializing in business, workplace, career and personal health issues. She has held staff positions on a number of prominent daily newspapers in the northeast and is currently a columnist at the Rochester Business Journal. Among her other accomplishments, she is a certified career coach

Sean Zucker

Accordion Content
Sean Zucker is an experienced journalist having covered a range of health and wellness issues since WellWell’s inception. A graduate of Hunter College in New York City, he has also reported extensively on pet care and climate concerns.

Chuck Kouri

Accordion Content

Charles Kouri is a renowned journalist, book author, songwriter, playwright and communications strategist. His work on touched on financial services, healthcare, technology, education, real estate and professional services. A resident of Chicago, he received a degree in journalism and economics for Marquette University in Milwaukee. Mr. Kouri is an ongoing contributor to WellWell’s news coverage.

Jessica Scarpati

Accordion Content

Jessica Scarpati has more than 15 years of experience as an award-winning writer, editor and communications professional. As a journalist, her diverse professional background has given her the opportunity to cover—and uncover—stories in health care, science, technology, business, community news, state government, education and more. In addition, she has overseen the editorial and art direction of print and digital publications for consumer and business audiences. Ms. Scarpati has also served as a copyeditor for several books and reports. She holds a bachelor’s degree in print journalism from Boston University.

Saskia Salak

Accordion Content

Saskia Salak has a diverse background in analytics and communications with a special interest environmental issues, sustainability and socially responsible entrepreneurship. Among her other professional activities, she is in the process of launching Posty, a multi-media platform dedicated to encouraging personal composting in urban areas. She holds bachelor’s degree in economics and social entrepreneurship from Marquette University.

Barbara Krooss

Accordion Content
Barbara L. Krooss has a diverse background in academics, journalism and institutional and organizational consulting. She has taught psychology at the City University of New York and New York University and has undertaken research on brain mechanisms at Queens College and NY State Psychiatric Institute/Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Among other degrees, she holds a Ph.D. in clinical neuropsychology from CUNY. Ms. Krooss has also written extensively on a range of traditional and alternative health and wellness issues and practices.

John Hand

Accordion Content

John Hand is an emerging journalist and skilled storyteller who has significant experience covering sports and health and wellness issues. A graduate of Marquette University with a B.A. in journalism, his background also includes an internship at Frontline PBS and work developing a documentary with Barnical Brothers Productions.

David Cutrano

Accordion Content

David Cutrano boasts more than 25 years of experience working in IT. During his career, he has held positions ranging from Desktop Support to System Administration, Product Specialist, Website Design and Project Management. Mr. Cutrano’s background also includes managing technology teams that supported more than 2,000 clients in the Chicago and Los Angeles metropolitan areas. More recently, he has merged his professional interests in IT with developing a corresponding career as a professional photographer.

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Editorial Guide

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Editorial Guide

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The WellWell Emporium

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