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Getting Clubby with Best Selling Golf Gear

A Duffer’s Delight for Links Play

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The Goods:

About 25 million Americans hit golf courses regularly. Another 10-12 million engage in golf-related activities at facilities like driving ranges, according to the National Gold Foundation. That’s putt-putt taken to the extreme and there are lots of good reasons for people hitting the links. It can improve heart health, enhance brand stimulation, improve balance and relieve stress. Unfortunately, as many duffers can test, golf can also be a frustrating sport. Having the right gear can help. WellWell has identified some of the best-selling equipment on Amazon, the world’s leading online retailer. WellWell isn’t endorsing these products, just identifying what’s popular. It may be a place to get started. Read On.

Top Shelf Golf Gear:

Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set

4.6 Out Of 5 Stars

This Strata 12-piece set reports to deliver high-quality clubs right out of the box. The package includes a driver, 3 wood, 5 hybrids, 6 – 9 Iron, PW, putter, stand bag and two headcovers.


Intech EZ Roll Chipper

4.3 Out Of 5 Stars

This chipper has a back-weighted design for better results around the green and advanced top lines to help with alignment and accuracy. The EZ Roll Chipper comes at a 35-degree angle.


LAZRUS Premium Forged Golf Wedge Set for Men

4.7 Out Of 5 Stars

This Lazrus golf wedge is reputed to be a high-performance club that comes at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. It was created for everyone from beginner to advanced golfers to weekend warriors and scratch duffers.


STRATA Women’s Golf Packaged Sets

4.7 Out Of 5 Stars

The Strata package is built to help women enhance their game. It includes a lightweight 460cc forged driver with a large, sweet spot and a titanium head that helps deliver distance and accuracy.


Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter 

4.5 Out Of 5 Stars

The PGX SL putter is for the right-handed golfer seeking an enhanced alignment system to help them drop more putts. The top line is designed to enhance eye contact with the target.


PGX Offset Golf Driver

4 Out Of 5 Stars

PGX’s club includes offset anti-slice technology to help golfers hit their balls squarely. The matte black finish also gives this driver a clean and sleek look.


LAZRUS GOLF Premium Hybrid Golf Clubs for Men

4.5 Out Of 5 Stars

These hybrid clubs are built for everyday golfers seeking a premium product at affordable costs.


Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedges

4.6 Out Of 5 Stars

With a polished finish and a classic blade shape, this wedge is said to be the perfect club for putting a ball pin close. These True Temper steel irons are designed for high performance and reliability.


Pinemeadow Wedge 

4.4 out of 5

This club may be perfect for the beginning to the average golfer. It is built with high-quality Pinemeadow steel from Apollo(R) and is reputed to have the largest face area of any wedge available.


Callaway Golf Mack Daddy 5 JAWS Wedge 

4.8 Out Of 5 Stars

The 5 JAWS wedge is built with 8620 mild carbon steel. The W and C grinds have been updated to make it easy to play a wider variety of greenside shots.


Point Of Purchase: 

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