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A Bike For Every Rider

A Breakout of Cycling Options

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The Skinny:

The weather is getting warmer and sunnier, encouraging people of all ages to get out and run, walk, hike and bike, among other activities. Biking is especially appealing. It is age and effort adaptable and for many, it harkens back to childhood when peddling was the preferred method of transportation. Besides, the country is becoming more bike-friendly thanks to a six-fold increase in paved and off-road bike trails in the last 30 years. Biking is also big business with over 50 million Americans reporting they cycle regularly. The good news is that this has led to an explosion of bike options for would-be peddlers. That’s also the bad news since many might not be sure which bike is right for them. Don’t worry, WellWell has the options covered with a breakout of the basics. Read On.

The Slate:

Road Bikes 

The name says it all. These bikes are designed to be used on surfaced/paved roads, especially by those looking to move fast and cover ground. Lightweight with thin tires and dropped handlebars, they help cyclists achieve maximum speed for minimum effort. However, they aren’t for everyone, especially if someone is looking for a comfortable, less energetic ride. 


Recumbent Bike 

Want to bike but have some back or joint issues? Recumbents may be the answer. They feature a long, low design with a full-size seat and backrest. This structure helps lower the cycle’s center of gravity, especially when compared to most other bikes. The design also makes it safer, while relieving pressure on knees and joints


Mountain Bike 

Hitting the off-road, such as dirt trails, grassy plains or steep hills, really demands a mountain bike both for comfort and control. They’re not only durable, but these bikes also come with front suspension forks that help absorb the bouncing and bumps that come with off-road trails. One note. They usually don’t come with gears or brakes.


Folding Bike 

A space-saving design that is particularly appealing to urban commuters and apartment dwellers, folding bikes also include smaller wheels that help city peddlers better handle the bumps and potholes they’ll encounter in urban environments. The best ones have adjustable functions that make it easier to fold seats, handlebars and frames. 


Hybrid Bike 

The aim here is to combine the best elements of road and mountain bikes, making this cycle appealing to those looking for a multi-functional option. The flat handlebars allow riders to sit in a relaxed position with a straight back. Admittedly, hybrids may not be as tough as pure mountain bikes, but they can still handle lots of off-road conditions and trails.


Cruiser Bike 

Cruiser bikes are extremely comfortable and great for shorter, less strenuous trips around towns and neighborhoods. Less expensive than other options, they are really not made for commuters, long-distance rides or uneven terrain.



An environmentally friendly option, e-bikes can extend a rider’s trip and speed thanks to an integrated electric motor. Most of these bikes provide the option of self-peddling if a rider wants to get some exercise. Unlike electric cars, these bikes, which can go up to 30 miles an hour, can be charged on any household outlet. 

Eyes Up: 

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