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Cabbage Juice Is The Boss On Peptic Ulcers

Also Strengthens Immune Systems & More

Cabbage juice health benefits

By Sean Zucker –

In September, Bruce Springsteen, the undisputed Boss, postponed the remainder of his 2023 performances due to an ongoing battle with peptic ulcer diseaseHarvard Health underscored that this is serious business, involving sores in the lining of the stomach. The disease affects more than four million Americans every year. Decidedly not fun, but some experts claim there is a simple beverage that can help in the battle against peptic ulcers: cabbage juice.   

Cabbage juice is exactly what it sounds like, concentrated cabbage in liquid form. Medical News Today notes this juice has been a remedy for stomach ulcers for decades. A 1949 study, for example, saw researchers give cabbage juice to peptic ulcer sufferers and found that their sores healed in about 7 days compared to the expected 42-day recovery period. 

A 1956 study, in turn, focused on inmates serving time at San Quentin Prison in California who suffered from peptic ulcers. More than half the inmates received cabbage juice during a 22-day trial, while the remaining inmates drank a placebo. Virtually all the inmates drinking cabbage juice saw their ulcers heal within three weeks. Those drinking the placebo recorded no improvements. 

More recently, a 2014 study conducted by a trio of Saudi Arabian universities examined the effect cabbage juice had on stomach ulcers in rats. The rats were split into two groups, one which was treated with a cabbage extract and the other was given omeprazole, a standard drug for treating ulcers. In just seven days, the cabbage group saw comparatively larger reductions in total stomach acidity, the volume of gastric juice and gastric ulcer size. The results could indicate that the significant amount of vitamin C in cabbage may be driving the improvements, although more research on humans is needed.

There is obviously a lot of support for cabbage juice doing wonders to ease the discomfort that comes with peptic ulcers. Healthline stresses, however, that cabbage juice’s health benefits extend well beyond this potential impact. The drink is undoubtedly loaded with vitamin C, which is great for all sorts of reasons. But the juice also contains a hefty amount of vitamin K, which can help to regulate blood sugar, protect the immune system and strengthen bones. The beverage is also high in antioxidants that can reduce cell damage and may act as an inflammatory as well. 

 In short, The Boss may find that his stage drink of choice next year is a tall glass of cabbage juice.





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