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Parenting & Child Care

The Transition Mission

Not everyone has an easy time in middle school or high school, let alone transitioning into a college or university. The issue isn’t always a matter of effort or intelligence.

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A Terribly Weight Issue

By John Salak- Childhood obesity in America is not funny, cute or harmless. In fact, it is rampant and dangerous, usually the byproduct of a complex set of factors that

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the benefits of human connection and engagement for infants.

Happy Baby Rules

By John Salak – It probably comes as little surprise to most parents, but babies love attention and human connection—especially when they come from mommy or daddy. Researchers in the

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Babies Powering Babies

By Brittany Fowley — In today’s busy world that’s full of research and theories there is an abundance of advice and “facts” floating around in parenting circles. Whether it be

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Breastfeeding’s New Highs

By Chuck Kouri —  Breastfeeding has undeniable benefits for the mother and child alike. But despite numerous studies promoting this, breastfeeding continues to carry a stigma and overall lack of

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The Spout - Music & Activity Critical for Children

Sounds Right For Children

By John Salak — Want healthy, happy, smart kids who live long and productive lives? Start with making sure they are physically active, emotionally secure and enveloped in music from

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