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Countries Where the Living Is Longest

Don’t Expect to Find the U.S.

Countries Where the Living Is Longest

The Skinny:

Looking to follow Mr. Spock’s famous famously adage: “live long and prosper?” Well, exactly how long people are kicking—and then prospering—can depend in large part on where they are living. Sure, average life expectancy has surged during the last couple of centuries. Overall, someone born in 2024 can expect to hang around for about 74 years, according to global averages. Those born in some countries, however, stand a statistical chance of enjoying an even greater number of years. WellWell fortunately has identified the top ten countries for longevity worldwide. But don’t go looking for the U.S. It places 47th with an average life expectancy of just under 80 years. Read on.

The Slate:

Hong Kong tops the list with a life expectancy of 85.83 years. Healthy diets, safe streets and easy access to amenities such as public transportation all contribute.

Nearby Macao comes in second at 85.51 years. They see few natural disasters and a society that cherishes its elders in its comprehensive public health care system.

Japan claims the third spot with a life expectancy of 84.95. Universal health care, healthy diets, active lifestyles and low obesity rates all contributed. Of note, COVID’s disproportionate impact on the country’s relatively large population of elders caused Japan to recently fall from its previous number one spot.

Switzerland’s overall life expectancy is 84.38 years for the number four position. The country’s average per capita gross national product of $83,598, healthy lifestyles, good housing, high-quality education, strong healthcare systems and low rates of unemployment all help.

At five is Singapore with an overall life expectancy of 84.27. The reasons? The world’s second per capita GNP at $127,565 boasts great health care, transportation systems and a social climate that encourages healthy eating, exercise and intergenerational gatherings, which all factor in.

Italy enjoys an overall life expectancy of 84.20 years, making it number six on the list. Its famous “Mediterranean Diet” and a society that values a balanced lifestyle and family, plus good health care, are the reasons.

South Korea has seen a rapid increase life expectancy of late and now enjoys an average of 84.14 years. The country’s economic progress, improved living conditions, diet and medical advances have resulted in gains that allowed the country to take the number seven position.

At number eight is Spain with an overall life expectancy of 84.05 years. Climate, good health care, a laid-back lifestyle and a reliance on a “Mediterranean diet” help Spaniards enjoy long lives.

The Mediterranean island of Malta has an average life expectancy of 83.85 years, giving it the ninth spot. The sunny climate, laid-back lifestyle and a strong socialized health care system helped lower infant and maternal mortality rates.

At ten is Australia with a life expectancy of 83.73 years. Improved health care has made strong advances in maternal and infant care, as well as preventative care. The country’s relative longevity also increased during the pandemic due to its strong vaccination program.

Eyes Up:

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