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Cover Up Without Passing Out

Breathable Masks Are Available

The Skinny

Over six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, new safety precautions that may have seemed excessive or overbearing at the beginning of the year are now becoming commonplace. Social distancing, washing your hands 900 times a day and wearing a mask any time you leave home are now the norm. These precautions also bring some consequential issues into play. Despite our new reliance on face masks, they’re not all comfortable or easy to breathe in. This is especially annoying and stressful when running or exercising. Remember, these masks are required unless you’re working out at home. Luckily, some brands have caught on. WellWell has compiled a list of seven masks specifically designed for comfort and breathability, which makes them ideal for exercise or just a stroll to the supermarket.

The Slate

Under Armour SportsMask

This Under Armour mask is designed specifically for athletes and runners, with the core focus of breathability and comfort. Their unique Iso-Chill fabric on the inner lining and ear straps helps keep you cool while you’re sweating and moving. The spacer fabric on the outer shell aids better airflow.

Koral Infinity Face Mask

Koral uses the same antimicrobial performance fabric to make its face masks as it uses on its activewear, meaning they’re just as stretchy and fast drying. It also provides UV protection. The mask may even say you a few bucks, as its machine wash friendly and designed to be reusable. Making it ideal for sweaty activities.

Bloch Soft Stretch Face Mask

Ideal for runners, this mask features two layers of soft and stretchy fabric, along with an anti-dust and UV protectant coating. Adjustable ear loops and a moldable nose pad help ensure a snug fit with built-in neck lanyard that lets you hang the mask around your neck when you need to slide it off for a second. Bloch masks are also manufactured to allow the nose pad to form a tight seal around your nose to slide easily under glasses to avoiding fogging up lenses.

Neck Gaiter Face Mask

Made from moisture-wicking material to keep you cool in the sun, this mask is perfect for the most humid days. With a secure fit that’ll keep it unmoving and attached to your face, the material aims to lower body temperature and keep you cool. It should hold up after multiple washes. and hold up in multiple washes.

VTER Cotton Breathing Mask

Amazon reviewers continue to rave about how easy it is to breathe wearing these affordable masks. They’re made with a blend of 35% cotton and 65% polyester that blocks dust, dirt and pollen, while also absorbing excess moisture. Better yet, reviewers agree the fabric is extra soft—and it’s even used to craft the ear loops to prevent uncomfortable behind-the-ear irritation.

Adidas Face Covers

It’s no surprise these sports experts were able to create masks that are both breathable and protective. Their polyester-elastane blend feels malleable and snug. Plus, they’re donating $2 from every pack sold to Save the Children’s Global Coronavirus Response Fund.

Kiera Protective Sports Masks

With these masks and their PM2.5 filters, you will be protected from dangerous particles such as dust, smog, pollen, and mold, while restoring your peace of mind through healthy breathing and air flow.

Eyes Up

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