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Don’t Get Burnt This Summer

WellWell’s Stayin’ Safe Advice Is Here

how to stay safe during summer

The Skinny

It’s summertime and the living is easy. Unfortunately, it can also be dangerous. Even the most common summer activities can bring consequences for the unaware and unprotected. Relax, WellWell has put together some basic advice for taking precautions and staying safe while kicking back, taking a hike or just chillin’.


The Slate

Keep Hydrated

No one wants to become dehydrated. And no one should be. Facing the heat, whether through walking, running, playing tennis, softball or ping pong means taking water along and drinking it. Even those just sitting in the sun should have H2O on hand.

Stay Cool

Avoid the extreme heat. If it’s really hot or humid, head for the shade or better yet, air-conditioned environments. Home not air conditioned? Find a local cooling center to chill in when the temperatures rise.

Wear Sun Protection

Sunscreen now and forever, especially those that protect against both UVA & UVB rays. Also, remember to reapply every two hours, even if its waterproof. And don’t forget to wear protective clothing, hats and sunglasses. And stay out of the sun from 10am to 3pm. If a burn does appear, hydrate, and apply aloe and other over-the-counter medications.

Plant Safety

Taking a hike or walk is a great idea in summer. So is golfing or even finding that out-of-the-way spot to toss a line or two. Just make sure to step around poisonous plants, including those common culprits poison ivy and poison sumac. The oil on their leaves can cause an itchy red rash. If a rash does appear, wash your skin with lots of soap and water, and launder all contaminated clothes. If problems persist, call the poison center at (800) 222-1222 or check in with your doctor.

Grilling Safely

Grilling is great and synonymous with summer. But make sure you’re firing up food and not yourself or your house. Grilling, in fact, leads to more than 10,000 home fires annually. Dicey use of lighter fluids also leads to plenty of personal injuries.

Pool Safety

Don’t be a dip when it comes to pool safety for yourself or the kids. Overestimate swimming prowess, especially when dealing with bodies of water with tides or currents, is another no-no. Also, someone should always be watching when others are in a pool, lake or ocean taking a dip. And please, remember that mixing alcohol and swimming isn’t a great idea.

Bug Off

No one wants to get bugged while out in nature or even their own backyard, so precautions are necessary. Stay away from resting or stagnant pools or water, drain any located near your home or property, avoid walking in tall grass, and consider covering legs, arms and even heads and faces if there are tick-heavy areas are nearby. Finally, use safe, ecofriendly insect and bug repellents before striding off. There are plenty of options to consider.


Eyes Up

What’s your summer security measures? Tell us at info@wellwellusa.com.





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