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Fur Babies For Matures

A Four-legged Pooch List

Best dog breeds for mature adults

The Skinny 

We love our pooches. In fact, 70 percent of U.S. households now have a dog, an all-time record. Mature adults especially love their dogs with about 55 percent of people 50 to 80 years old having one. More than half of these people double down on pooches and own two. There are lots of good reasons for having a dog. They provide companionship, encourage exercise and help mature adults cope with physical and emotional issues. Plus, many dogs are great listeners and snugglers. Is there a perfect pet for someone 50, 60 or 70 years old? There isn’t a single answer. Obviously, the right dog is an extremely personal choice. But WellWell did want to offer up some suggestions in case someone is in the pooch market. Take a look.  

The Slate 


These are remarkably intelligent dogs, which makes them easy to train and eager to please. Their daily exercise needs are reasonable and they can bond with multiple family members. Inside they like to lounge and cuddle. Better yet, they come in different sizes from toy to miniature and standard. One note. Because they have hair and not fur, they do need a good grooming every four to six weeks.  

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

They may be small, but they are also regal as their name implies. But all this means is that they are generally quiet and like to hang out on laps—virtually anyone’s lap. They are smart and playful and generally get along with adults, children and other pets.  

Irish Wolfhound

Looking for a big breed? Consider an Irish wolfhound. Don’t let their size derail choosing one. These are basically very calm and loyal dogs that are great around children. As puppies though, they can be a bit destructive.  


These guys are nicknamed the “monkey dog.” They are small, portable and playful, which makes them a nice choice for a small home or condo—even a retirement community. Their daily walk requirements also help their owners get their exercise.   


Yes, these hounds are built for speed, but they are incredibly sweet and mellow, almost shy, outside of the racetrack, especially when retired. Admittedly, they like an occasional run. But ultimately, they are happy to just lounge around the couch with company.  

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is a lightweight lapdog that is intelligent and easy to train. What’s not to like? They are generally a healthy breed, which doesn’t cause a lot of problems for seniors with allergies. Their long coats, however, could stand for daily brushings to keep them hassle and tangle-free.  

Lhasa Apso

This is a four-legged, 15-pound chill machine. They hit a nice middle range in terms of size, small but not minuscule. They are also surprisingly good watchdogs should someone come to the door or nearby. Otherwise, they just kind of enjoy hanging out either on someone’s lap or at their feet. 

Eyes Up 

What’s your favorite pooch for those 50 and up? Let us know at info@wellwellusa.com. 

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