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Five Weight-Shedding Tips

The Skinny

There is never a shortage of programs, advice, fad diets and unique and, at times, crazy ways to possibly lose weight. Some of these are sound for everyone, some will work for certain individuals and not as well for others, some are short-term fixes that may not stand the test of time and others are just looney if not dangerous. How about a few, science-backed methods that can help trim pounds without going to extremes? WellWell has that covered with the following five tips.

The Slate  

Get Wet

Drinking water is one of the easier ways to lose weight. Besides that, being adequately hydrated is also good for you. There are two main weight-loss benefits. Drinking water helps boosts a person’s metabolism rate by up to 30 percent and that helps burn calories. Other studies have shown that drinking a pint of water 3 minutes before meals cuts down on a person’s inclination to eat as much as those who don’t, which one research program said resulted in 44 percent more weight loss for those who drank water.

Break Right

A good breakfast is a great way to lose weight. Skipping breakfast is a bad weight-loss idea because it usually leads to a person eating more through the day. Okay, we’re not talking about a breakfast that include gallons or maple syrup and mountains of butter or cream. But a sensible and healthy choice, like whole-grain cereal topped with fruit and some low-fat dairy.

Grab Your Mug

Coffee is more than a nice way to wake up, it is also is a natural diuretic and an excellent source of antioxidants. The end result is that coffee helps protect your cells from damage, while giving a weight-loss assist. The amount needed? About 16 to 24 ounces a day. 

Bag the Artificials

Cutting down on sugar has drawn millions of people to artificial sweeteners. Unfortunately, there is growing evidence that many of these sweeteners can actually lead to diabetes and obesity for a host of possible reasons including how the body processes fat. Look for natural and healthy sweetening alternatives.

Chew On It

Take time. Chew food longer and lose weight. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports that chewing food forty times instead of the typical 15 times leads to a 12 percent reduction in calories consumed. Why? It gives more time for the stomach and brain to “talk” to and conclude your stomach is full and you can stop eating.

Eyes Up

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