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The Cost of Being a Ghost Hunter

Spooky Relationships Can Be Expensive

Ghost Hunting

By John Salak –

Would-be ghost hunters take note. The job can have its drawbacks. Sure, there is always the risk of being possessed by an angry demon, just like Father Karras in the film The Exorcist. Then there is always the risk of waiting lots of time sitting around some nondescript house for hours with a bushel full of spook-hunting gear, hoping to hear or see something paranormal that usually doesn’t materialize. Think TV shows like Ghost Hunters, Help! My House Is Haunted, Ghost Asylum, Paranormal State and The Dead Files.

In between these experiences, there is what ghost hunter Cody Todd claims happened to him when he left his “day job” at a supermarket near Dallas. A mischievous child ghost followed Todd home after a recent ghost-hunting expedition in nearby Frontier Village and mashed a shopping cart into a new car, causing some pricey dents.

Okay, everyone is thinking: “Cody, put down that six-pack of Lone Star beer and get a grip. That shopping cart rolled into your car because of the wind, someone gave it a shove, or maybe it was sitting on a slope just waiting to roll away.”

Apparently, that’s what Todd thought too until he remembered there was no wind, slope or shoppers nearby who may have accidentally bumped the cart. When he went to view the security video of the parking lot and saw the cart turn 90 degrees after he passed it and roll directly to his car, he knew something paranormal was up.

A spirit child he encountered in Frontier Village had followed him home, he thought. “Maybe he was trying to play with me,” Todd told a local media outlet. Perhaps, but the gamesmanship by the young spook created significant damage to his new car, which is why he wants to go back to the haunted site and ask the ghost child, what’s up?

Of course, if this young spirit is following Todd around, he can probably chat with him at any time.

It is unclear how many spirits, demons or poltergeists follow ghost hunters around. There are simply no statistics available. But these paranormal entities probably have lots of opportunities to cling on to the living as there are thousands of paranormal groups and investigators poking around creepy locales who apparently can’t wait to hook up.

What’s more, a new batch is likely on the way, intrigued by supernatural connections, an endless stream of ghost-hunting TV shows and a burgeoning paranormal employment industry.

In fact, companies like Careermatch.com and Tricom.com dishes out all the risks and benefits involved—both on a professional and supernatural level. Indeed.com even lays out the top ten jobs for those looking to enter the field, with salary estimates included. Want to know what the average paranormal investigator makes? A little over $43,000 annually, though this probably doesn’t include any spiritual benefits that come from a demon or ghost latching on to them.





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