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Here’s To Beer’s Benefits

It Brews Up Seven Major Gains

The Health Benefits of beer

The Skinny:

It is no secret that beer is loved, possibly being the most popular go-to adult beverage on the market. Yet despite the general fondness for beer, it gets a bad rap on the health front. Yes, too much alcohol is not a good thing and then there is beer’s fondness for carbohydrates, which can lead to weight gain. These are legitimate concerns. But there’s another side to beer, a softer, healthier position that lends credence to the notion that beer does have its benefits in moderate consumption. WellWell has pulled together some of its biggest benefits. Read on. 

The Slate:

Beer Heart Help

Beer drinkers involved in moderate consumption may lessen their risk of heart attacks, strokes and heart disease compared to people who don’t drink beer at all. Some studies suggest that moderate consumption of any alcoholic beverage is also associated with lower rates of cardiovascular disease. 


Better Blood Sugar Levels 

Another tag for moderate beer consumption indicates that it may help reduce the risk of insulin resistance in individuals with prediabetes. Of course, excessive amounts of beer or other alcoholic beverages could increase the risk of diabetes since alcohol can raise glucose levels in the bloodstream.


Safer Than Water 

Anyone stuck in an environment where the water is not safe to drink can always turn to beer. It may even be safer than locally bottled water. One reason is that the beer is effectively boiled in the brewing process and is kept clean afterward. Even if it goes bad after bottling, it is not going to develop life-threatening bacteria (pathogens).


Cholesterol Reducer 

Ongoing research suggests that beer can help promote good cholesterol while regulating bad cholesterol. Again, only small or moderate amounts of beer were consumed by participants in these studies. 


Thwarts Alzheimer’s 

Beer appears to help individuals lower their risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Loyola University, in fact, reported that moderate beer drinkers were 23 percent less likely to develop dementia and cognitive impairment, including Alzheimer’s. It seems that the silicon content in beer may protect the brain from the harmful effects of aluminum, one of the possible causes of Alzheimer’s.



Beer can reduce inflammation thanks to the natural bitter acids in hops, which have anti-inflammatory properties. The powerful antioxidants can down-regulate genes that are programmed to initiate inflammation. Another study reported that beer can also lessen muscle inflammation.


Kidney Stone Killer 

The potassium and magnesium in beer lessen the chance of developing kidney stones, perhaps by as much as 40 percent. It also helps that beer is 90 percent water, which is essential for preventing kidney stones.

Eyes Up: 

Do you drink beer for its health benefits? Tell us why at info@wellwellusa.com.

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