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Covid19 Assistance On Display

The Skinny:

Tough times can and do bring out a lot of good in people and companies, whether it’s helping out in food banks, making masks for emergency workers, creating cross promotions to lend a hand or simply cutting customers a break when they need it most. Thousands of these examples taking place every day. WellWell has pulled today a short list of companies going the extra mile during these troubled times. Please consider getting involved in any of these programs and let us know at info@wellwellusa.com if there are others we can flag.

The Slate:

  • MANCAN – Send Your Hero Some Fine Wine

Firehouse Can Co is offering up a great way to provide a little relief and thanks to your hero of choice. Buy any 24-pack of MANCAN wine and they’ll send another case free to your own Covid19 hero along with a personal note. Visit www.mancanwine.com to learn more.

  • Boola Boola: Don’t Vegetate – Educate

Ivy League Courses is opening up its digital doors to offer dozens on free online courses from Brown, Columbia, Cornell Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton and

Yale. Almost 400 classes covering everything from accounting to psychology, history, mythology and more are up for garbs. Visit www.classcentral.com to learn more.

  • Shoo In: Foot Fair For Emergency Workers

Crocs and Allbirds have launched programs to supply health workers with free

footwear while they’re sacrificing so much to protect others. The programs differ slightly but both are helping to supply shoes free. Visit these sites to order or help donate a pair: www.crocs.com and www.allbirds.com

  • Puppy Paradise: A Pooch Boost & Beer

Busch is stepping up to encourage animal adoption when it’s needed most by giving away three months of free beer to anyone adopting a pet from the Midwest Animal and Rescue Services. Learn more at www.busch.com

  • Help Delivering: Medical Volunteers Receive Free Airfare

Delta offering free travel to medical professionals and eligible medical volunteers to Covid19 hotspots in Georgia, Louisiana and Michigan. Learn more at www.news.delta.com

  • Army Strong & Smart: Ventilator Incubator

The U.S. Army is stepping up to encourage new designs for much-need ventilators by launching a Shark Tank-style competition with the winner getting $100,000. Learn more at www.arl.army.mil/xtechsearch/

  • Health Worker Support: Free Life Insurance

MassMutal is offering free coronavirus life insurance for healthcare workers in Connecticut and Massachusetts to thank them for their hard work during these dangerous and difficult times. Learn more at  www.massmutual.com

Eyes Up

Are there other Covid19 promotions and deals WellWell should mention? Just flip us a note with details at info@wellwellusa.com.






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