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Holiday Fitness Gifts

Give Wellness This Season

Holiday Fitness Gifts

The Skinny 

Want to help someone start their New Year’s resolution early? How about giving a health-enhancing gift this holiday season? Yes, these gifts can include fitness equipment that helps an individual lose weight. But they don’t have to. The WellWell lists below goes beyond this to offer options that can simply build better balance, strength, tone and posture. Take a gander and see if there is anything right for someone on your list.  

The Slate 

Portable Treadmill

A tiny living space is no longer a reason to dodge out on owning a treadmill. This UMAY option folds up for easy storage, making it a snap to slip under a couch or bed.  

Balance Board Agility Test Set

This is a test—especially for those looking for a serious fitness challenge. This balance board has a strategically unsteady surface that helps users strengthen their core balance, coordination and body control. 


P.Volve’s all-inclusive set offers users a low-intensity way to build strength. The kit comes with resistance tools for building muscle and includes a subscription to access a variety of related classes online. The whole package tucks away easily when not in use. 

Recoup Fitness Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller

This cold roller is a great way to massage yourself. Better yet, it relieves pain, reduces inflammation, improves circulation and enhances mobility. 

Nintendo Switch, Ring Fit Adventure

Nintendo Switch gamers on your list may just love this unique gift. The company’s Switch Ring Fit Adventure allows users to take their workouts to a fantasy world by jogging, sprinting, and doing high knees through different game levels, all while trying to defeat a bodybuilding dragon. 

MOBO Board

Mobo Board is on a mission to strengthen feet. It does this through an upgrade to the wobble boards that help users build a stable arch by employing a hollow toe box. This eliminates the grip supplied by weaker toes, forcing a foot to build medial strength. The bamboo surface promotes barefoot use, which helps build small foot muscles that would otherwise be overlooked.  

BCAN Foldable Mini Trampoline

Gift givers can get a jump on the holidays (sorry, couldn’t resist) by considering this high-strength stainless steel foldable trampoline. It is a great addition to a home gym. The product’s adjustable safety bar provides four usage levels that apply to kids or adults. 

Eyes Up 

What is on your holiday fitness gift list? Let us know at info@wellwellusa.com.


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