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Eight Ways To Boost Kidney Health

Cranberries, Arugula, Cabbage & More

kidney-boosting foods

The Skinny 

Kidneys too often get overlooked. That’s a dangerous mistake because these organs do a lot to help keep everyone operating at peak efficiency. They remove waste and extra water from the blood in the form of urine and they keep essential chemicals such as sodium, potassium, and calcium in balance. If that’s not enough, they also generate hormones that help control blood pressure and stimulate bone marrow to make red blood cells. Admittedly, identifying all these benefits begs the question of what can be done to beef up our kidneys. WellWell has some answers, at least when it comes to identifying kidney-boosting foods. Read on.  

The Slate 


Okay, water isn’t a food, but it is extremely important to kidney health. The cells use water to move various toxins into the bloodstream. Next, the kidneys use water to filter these toxins out by creating urine that moves them out of the body. So, people should drink up whenever they feel thirsty. 


These tasty berries protect against bladder infections by preventing bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall. Added benefits include protecting the stomach from ulcer-causing bacteria and guarding the lining of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, promoting GI health kidney-boosting foods


Pectin fiber in apples helps prevent kidney damage caused by high levels of cholesterol and blood sugar. They also help curb sugar cravings, which is a nice added bonus. Thankfully, there are lots of different types. Choose your favorite one. 


Arugula, like lots of leafy green vegetables, is full of antioxidants and vital nutrients. It is particularly beneficial for kidneys since it is low in potassium. It can also help to lower blood pressure. 


Anyone with a diseased or damaged kidney should look to cabbage. It is low in potassium, sodium and phosphorus, while high in fiber and antioxidants, all of which are important for repairing kidneys and keeping them strong.  


Celery doesn’t seem to contain much of anything, but it can help remove toxins and other undesirable elements from the body. Loaded in vitamins C, B, A as well as iron, it can help thwart bacterial infections that can ravage kidneys. Research, in fact, has shown that regular celery consumption supports healthy kidneys and fights kidney disease.  


Garlic is not only great for warding off vampires, it contains powerful antioxidants. When consumed, raw garlic also yields anti-inflammatory benefits. All of this helps keep kidneys in the pink. There are lots of different kinds out there. Choose your favorite. 


Omega-3 fatty acids are known for their powerful benefits, which includes supporting blood clotting, building cell membrane and maintaining skin health, among other things. They also have the power to lower blood pressure and decrease triglycerides, which coincide with kidney health. One note. The body does not generate omega-3s by itself. They are generated from specific food sources.  

Eyes Up 

What kidneyboosting foods are missing? Let us know at info@wellwellusa.com. 




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