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Magnetic Therapy Looks To Give A Healing Charge

Amazon’s Best-Selling Products On Display

Best-Selling Magnetic Therapy Products

The Goods:

It might be said that there is quite the buzz surrounding magnetic therapy, even though there is arguably limited scientific support for its claims. The treatment calls for exposing a person to a weak static magnetic field generated by a permanent magnet placed near the body. An individual, theoretically, benefits from these weak charges. There are a growing number of products that support therapy including wristbands, jewelry, blankets and wraps. WellWell has boiled down a list of the most popular products on Amazon, the world’s leading online retailer. WellWell isn’t endorsing these products, just letting everyone know what’s available. Read on.

Best-Selling Magnetic Therapy Products:

Etekcity TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator Machine

4.6 Out Of 5 Stars

Etekcity TENS stimulator helps manage pain issues and reduce pain and muscle soreness caused by conditions like back/shoulder pain, arthritis, nerve pain, joint pain, period pain, neck pain, knee pain and sports injuries.


NURSAL TENS EMS Unit Muscle Stimulator for Pain Relief Therapy

4.5 Out Of 5 Stars

Separate modes and intensities can be set for this stimulator’s dual channel, which together provide relaxation and pain management through the unit’s electrotherapy pulse massager and its accessories.


Jecanori Copper Bracelets for Women Magnetic for Lymph Detox

4.4 Out Of 5 Stars

Totally hypoallergenic, solid copper bracelets are embedded with strong magnets to help reduce arthritis, fatigue, muscle tension and reduce static electricity. They can be applied to relieve sports-related joints aches and promote relaxation.


Feraco Magnetic Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet for Arthritis Pain Relief

4.4 Out Of 5 Stars

These therapy bracelets contain six pieces of high-powered 3500 gauss magnets that are held close to the wrist when the bracelets are worn, reducing fatigue, muscle tension and static electricity. They are specifically used to treat joint aches, promote relaxation and enhance sleep.


Zunis Acupressure Magnetic Ear Ornament

2 Out Of 5 Stars

These earrings combine magnetic therapy and acupressure, which together are designed to help weight loss, relieve anxiety and stress and enhance sleep.


MagnetRX® Ultra Strength Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

4.4 Out Of 5 Stars

Reputed to be the strongest magnetic therapy bracelet on the market, MagnetRX contains 48 powerful rare earth neodymium magnets designed for maximum strength. Magnetic therapy can be used to promote pain relief, reduce inflammation and improve circulation.


Copper Bracelets – with 2 Powerful Magnets

4.4 Out Of 5 Stars

This pure handmade copper bracelet with neodymium magnets is designed to ease pain from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI and migraines. It is also reputed to be able to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and promote relaxation.


Reevaria – Pure Copper Heavyweight Magnetic Bracelet for Men

4.1 Out Of 5 Stars

Eight powerful 3500 gauss neodymium magnets are combined with 99.9 percent pure copper to create each bracelet. The combined impact is said to reduce pain, fatigue and muscle tension, while improving blood circulation, energy, balance and sleep.


MagnetRX® Hematite Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

4.4 Out Of 5 Stars

This MagnetRX hematite ultra-strength bracelet contains the highest strength magnetic hematite beads, reputedly making them three times more powerful than other magnetic hematite bracelets. They provide all-natural treatments for pain relief, inflammation and circulation problems.


Feraco Magnetic Bracelets for Men

4.3 Out Of 5 Stars

Made with premium titanium steel, the double-row four elements bracelet is built to help reduce fatigue and muscle tension, improve blood circulation, energy, balance and sleep.


Point Of Purchase: 

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