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Picking A Pooch?

Size & Everything Else Matters

The Skinny

There is nothing wrong with a dog’s life, especially when it is connected to person’s life. Dogs and people are natural companions and have been for thousands of years. Both, in fact, are nurtured physically and mentally by the connection. Of course, picking the right dog is essential for the wellbeing of everyone involved. Owning a dog is a big physical and financial responsibility. All sorts of issues need to be taken into consideration so that the people and pooches come out ahead. Here are a few things to consider.


The Slate


Cats are usually more of a problem when it comes to allergic reactions, but some people are allergic to dog dander (dead skin) and saliva. Don’t worry. There are still plenty of canine options if that’s the case. Just consider a dog that doesn’t shed or is hypoallergenic. Here’s a list.


Dogs come in all sizes and shapes. It is important not just to match any perspective pooch to your interests but also where you’re living. Some condos and apartments even have policies on the size and types of dogs allowed in a building. Another consideration with size is that larger dogs can cost more to maintain when it comes to food and treatments heartworm and flea and tick protection. The size of the dog also matters when it comes to children. Small dogs can be more easily hurt by small children while big dogs, even gentle ones, can knock over toddlers but they are usually more tolerant of children.

Dog Breed

Every dog is different in terms of their temperament, exercise needs and even their inherent purpose. Some dogs are bred for protection, hunting, herding and even hauling. These characteristics are seemingly inbred in certain breeds even if they are not used for that particular purpose. That’s why it is good to do some research before selecting a dog, including mixed breeds. The American Kennel Club is a great resource.


Don’t forget age when picking out a dog. Puppies are great but it’s like adopting an infant. They require lots of upfront time and patience until they calm down a bit. Older dogs can be a great option. They are generally calmer, trained and more settled, but they may have more health problems.


Dogs are a lot like people. Each one has a different personality. Identifying a breed helps a bit on judging whether a dog is high energy, playful, aloof, protective, calm, etc., but even within breeds each individual dog’s personality can differ widely. And size sometimes doesn’t dictate a dog’s make up. Little dogs can be extremely high energy—and big barkers—while large breeds can be gentle giants. Research and self-awareness count when making the right pick.


Eyes Up

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