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Secret To Long Life Revealed

A Weekly Plate of Fish & Chips?

Secret To Long Life Revealed

By John Salak –

Yeah for traditional British fare. It’s a lifesaver.

Okay, the Brits are not exactly known for their haute cuisine—though some would argue it has improved markedly in recent decades. Regardless, the world’s oldest man claims that having fish and chips every Friday is among the reasons he’s lived to 111 years old.

Englishman John Alfred Tinniswood was awarded the title by Guinness World Records in April following the deaths of Venezuelan Juan Vicente Pérez who passed at 114 and Gisaburo Sonobe of Japan who died at 112.

Tinniswood was born in Liverpool on Aug. 26, 1912, just months after the Titanic sank. He’s had an extremely active life. A retired accountant and great-grandfather. He’s lived through two world wars and served in the Royal Army Pay Corps during World War II.

His secret to longevity is nothing particularly extraordinary. He doesn’t smoke, rarely drinks, follows no special diet and chows down on fish and chips once a week.

Tinniswood’s approach to a long life isn’t necessarily at odds with the recommendations of WedMD, The Wall Street Journal or other learned sources. But it isn’t exactly aligned with them either.

Traditional wisdom for hanging around includes keeping social, remaining active, stopping smoking, getting married, keeping weight in check, getting spiritual and eating a Mediterranean diet or as one source recommended: eating like an Okinawan, which translates into focusing on green and yellow vegetables and limiting calories.

Well, fish and chips don’t exactly fit into typical Okinawan fare. Tinniswood balks at some other traditional long-life suggestions and instead advises moderation in all things.

“If you drink too much or you eat too much or you walk too much—if you do too much of anything—you’re going to suffer eventually,” Tinniswood said.

Ultimately, longevity is a crap shoot of sorts, he admitted. “It’s pure luck,” Tinniswood said. “You either live long or you live short, and you can’t do much about it.”

So, go ahead. Grab that bacon cheeseburger or plate of fish and chips. Maybe just not every day.





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