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How Healthy Are You?

global warming

Rising Temperatures Fuel Mortality Rates

Hot Nights Are Simply Deadly

By Sean Zucker – There is documentation of the negative effects of extra hot days. The World Health Organization warns that hotter-than-average weather conditions can alter the body’s ability to

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Allergy season is getting worse every year

Allergy Seasons To Get Worse

By John Salak – Hey, here’s some disconcerting news. Allergy season traditionally starts much earlier and extends longer than many people realize. In fact, spring allergies begin in February and run well

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Climate Pledge Arena

Unleashing The Kraken

By Sean Zucker – Entering the 2022 season, the NHL is set to introduce its 32nd franchise—the Seattle Kraken. While that’s exciting for hockey fans, it might be more exciting

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Giving The Green Light

By Sean Zucker – The nutritional benefits of spinach are well documented. It’s loaded with good stuff. At just 20 calories, 3 cups of raw spinach will net 2 grams

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Fake Plastic Trees

There’s no denying that we’re in the midst of a critical period for planet Earth. The crisis is so severe that many warn if action isn’t taken soon, well, Earth

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Planet Warriors

The Skinny Without a healthy planet supported by sustainable and renewal resources, no one is going to be well, get well or stay well. There are lots of ways to

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Flushing Out Water Waste

Water waste is an issue that’s gaining attention, but it is still massively underappreciated and that’s a big problem. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that the average family can

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