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Family with three year old boy on beach

Garments That Battle UV Rays

The Skinny: Outdoors enthusiasts (hikers, bikers, fishermen, surfers and swimmers, etc.) usually face a vexing dilemma. While they love being out in nature, they worry about what the sun’s UV

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Melanoma often surfaces on parts of the body not exposed to UV rays making it harder to detect.

Shining A Light on Melanoma

By John Salak – Melanoma may be the rarest form of skin cancer, accounting for just one percent of all cases, but it can pack a deadly wallop. In fact, Medical News Today reports the

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The benefits of vitamin D are more essential and easy to take

Vitamin D-Wonderful?

By Kathy Driscoll – Don’t argue with Dr. Anthony Fauci when it comes to what’s good for you. The face of scientific reason for the Covid-19 crisis for two presidents

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