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How Healthy Are You?

Tie Off This Father’s Day

Healthy, Feelgood Gifts Are Here

Father's Day gift guide.

The Skinny

Love your pops? Want to keep him healthy, happy and sharp? Okay, then skip handing over a tie this Father’s Day. You might want to forget about a bottle of cologne, weird little slippers, Greatest Dad Mug and a month’s supply or chocolate-covered, deep-fried pork rinds as well. Of course, you should get him something he’d like. But why not also make the gift something that’s interesting and good for Dad, whether that means good for his body or mind. WellWell is here to help with some health gifts for Dad for Father’s Day. And we’re certainly not claiming that these are the best or only feel-good options. But they’re a place to start.

The Slate

The Greens

Encouraging Dad to get on a golf course is not only a good thing but a healthy play. Why not make his day a little better by helping him improve his game with a golf training system? There all sorts of products that will build his swings, putts and grips—many that he can use at home.

Here are some options – www.amazon.com/golftrainingsystems

Walk (or Run) This Way

Want to help Dad take a hike—or a run? Good idea. No matter the pace or distance, gifts for health-conscious dads like Bluetooth earbuds, compression leg sleeves, cooling towels, running shoes, hiking boots, pedometers, flip belts and even massage sticks or muscle rubs all fit the bill.

Here are a few lists to help kick-start the search.



The Traditionalist

Okay, some dads are traditionalists—they love football, baseball and basketball. Yeah, maybe they’re not Brady, Mays or LeBron, but that doesn’t mean they should stop playing, dreaming and having fun. There are all sorts of gifts that will give Dad game. Think a hand grip squeezer, handcrafted leather basketball or football, smart bat, basketball hoop or maybe even some knee, ankle and elbow braces to keep him in the game.

Gift options, among others, include:





Tight Lines

A lot of dads love fishing. Thankfully, if your pops is an angler, there is no shortage of gifts. Yes, you’ve got rods and reels—and an endless supply of artificial baits and lures to offer up. But don’t overlook unique fishing gear and items like knot-tying tools (especially for fly fishermen), fishing lanyards to help carry gear and even fishing hats and scarfs to block the sun and keep bugs at bay.

Here are a few places to start.




Nutrition Mission

Can you find a dad who doesn’t like to eat? It’s hard. Why not help feed him right. The place to start could be the slew of companies that are ready to deliver one-off or monthly selections of tasty snacks that are good for Dad.

Look into these options to start:





Feed The Mind

Don’t forget Dad has a mind and it needs attention too. Why not feed it books, music or even some online courses. There are, of course, lots of places to find books and music. WellWell even recently offered up articles on great albums (insert link) and nonfiction read (insert link) to help out. There are also plenty of online programs that offer lessons on everything from cooking to finance, fashion and history that might work for Dad.

Check these out for starters:





Eyes Up

This is only a start for feel-good dad gifts. If you’ve got other ideas on great Father’s Day items, let us know at info@wellwellusa.com





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