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Wake Up To Kombucha

A Natural Hangover Fix

By Sean Zucker –

We’ve all been there. You wake up, head pounding, limbs aching and feeling nausea. In effect, you are sure you’re dying. Don’t worry, take heart. You’re very much alive but severely hungover. Your immediate response? You start pounding water to hydrate, making eggs for protein and drinking orange juice for vitamin C. Doesn’t work–you still feel awful, kinda like Ace Ventura crawled into your noggin. Fortunately, there is a greener, more productive option for getting on the path to recovery. Kombucha—recent studies claim it is a natural solution that combines the elements that address what ails you and more. That’s right, it’s not just for your crusty yoga instructor anymore. Kombucha offers lots of popular elements that promote recovery, making it the perfect organic hangover elixir after a sloppy night of drinking.

If you’re unfamiliar with this concoction, Kombucha is a fermented, lightly carbonated, sweetened black or green tea drink. Kombucha’s health benefits range from reducing heart disease to enhancing digestion. The beverage is packed with antioxidants and probiotics, as well as the best kind of bacteria for supporting a healthy gut. Which lends credence to its alcohol recovery claim.

Here’s how it works. Remember the first step in recovering – hydrate. Kombucha’s got you covered. With high levels of glucose and nearly the same amount of electrolytes as a bottle of Gatorade, the fermented drink is ideal for hydration. This has led many to suggest using Kombucha as a chaser while you drink in an effort to launch a pre-emptive strike at a lurking hangover.

Alcohol is nothing if not a toxin and Kombucha benefits are the ultimate detox liquid. In a 2014 study, the Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology at the University of Latvia found that the beverage can efficiently act in health prophylaxis and recovery due to its properties of detoxification, antioxidation and promotion of depressed immunity.

Don’t fret about nausea either, there is plenty of evidence that Kombucha provides natural tools to help soothe the stomach from its morning-after misery. The drink has commonly and frequently been championed as an aid for healthy digestion. But its inherent vitamin B and probiotics components can easily contribute to tempering an intense tummyache. Additionally, a 2013 study found that the probiotics in kombucha even have the ability to reduce pain perception.

Ever hear of the “take the hair of the dog” hangover remedy? Kombucha actually contains trace levels of alcohol, up to .05%. This makes it a great option to mitigate the benefits of continued alcohol intake without merely postponing another hangover.

The task of attacking a hangover or even just approaching your day when one arrives can often appear daunting. Kombucha can help here by offsetting the energy drain that comes with battling a hangover. Kombucha tea, especially of the green variation, may contain up to 30 mg of caffeine–certainly enough to provide a jolt and help inspire you to survive the day. A 2015 study that examined the link between gut health and headaches also found that Kombucha’s high levels of probiotics may help improve the gut barrier function and temper migraines and headaches.

So the next time your body’s punishing you for your previous night’s choices, consider slamming a kombucha. You might wind up whole again faster than you could imagine-gifting you a clear mind to focus on all of the texts you shouldn’t have sent.





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