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Straight Talk On Weight Loss

Skinny Tales Exposed

weight loss myths

The Skinny 

Who doesn’t want to lose weight? It seems like almost everyone is trying to shed some extra baggage. Not only that but everyone seems to know exactly how to lose weight and they’re not shy about passing around their know-how even if it doesn’t exactly work. This is especially true for those who absolutely, positively swear by any one of several popular weight-losing myths. Unfortunately, the most popular myths pretty much don’t work, leaving those embracing these supposedly slimming legends frustrated and not an ounce lighter. WellWell is here to save you some angst by putting a digital spotlight on these dicey tidbits. 

The Slate 

Slimming Trouble Spots  

Yes, you can lose weight by eating the right foods and exercising. But specific troubled spots—butts, thighs, tummies—can not be trimmed. Exercise can, however, tone muscles, which may make them look slimmer. 

Killing The Carbs  

Carbs are not the enemy despite the rise of low-carb and Paleo diets. They don’t have to be eliminated to lose weight. In fact, there are plenty of healthy carbs in fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, beans and legumes. Admittedly, it is wise to reduce consumption of refined carbs like white rice, white pasta, processed snacks and desserts. 

The Straight Lose  

A person’s weight is unlikely to go down on a daily basis no matter how well they maintain the dieting and exercise regime. It can fluctuate by a few pounds each day depending on how much water is retained and the food that’s eaten. Losing weight is a process that takes time through small steady gains.  

Sugar, Sugar  

Sugar is not the devil in terms of weight loss. It is not worse than anything else and necessary to eliminate it entirely. Regardless of the source, sugar has about 4 calories per gram. The real issue is the amount of sugar consumed so it is wise to avoid foods with tons of added sugar. But you don’t have to cut it out completely.  

Not So Fast  

Not eating for two or three days a week is not a great or effective road to quick weight loss. In fact, it is more effective to consistently reduce daily calorie consumption and maybe have more but smaller meals spread out throughout the day. Add some healthy snacks into the mix and chances are a healthier metabolism will be maintained.  

Gluten-Free Diets 

Gluten has become another reviled culprit for those looking to trim pounds. There is no need to avoid it unless a person suffers from celiac disease or is gluten intolerant. In fact, wheat and products made with whole grains are loaded with benefits, including B vitamins and fiber. It is likely that any weight loss benefits that come from gluten-free diets are a result of eliminating high-calorie junk foods rather than kicking gluten.  

Just Sweat It  

Exercise is important but it is not the be-all and end-all for losing weight. In fact, too many people assume if they exercise that they can eat anything they want afterward. Bad idea. It is almost impossible to simply burn off excessive food consumption. Sustained weight loss requires a balanced approach that includes exercise and sensible eating. 

Eyes Up 

What’s your favorite weight-loss myth? Let us know at info@wellwellusa.com.   




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