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What’s Cooking You Ask?

How About Some Online Vegan Classes

The Skinny

Want to go vegan, but not really sure you’re up to the task—at least from a culinary standpoint? Maybe you’re already there, but a bit tired of the same-old plant-based dishes. WellWell is hoping to come to your rescue by identifying a range of online vegan cooking classes that may just give you the boost you need. Let’s be clear. We’re not saying these are the best or only online classes worth considering. But they are definitely worth nosing around to see is they’ll meet your needs.

The Slate

Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives breaks its online vegan cooking school into two flexible courses, both designed to help transform anyone into a confident plant-based chef. For more visit www.forksoverknives.com


My Brownble is a vegan, video-based online program that help ease your way back into the kitchen and to support your vegan journey. For more visit www.brownbleprograms.com


Vegan cooking made easy. That’s what Veecoco aims for by offering easy-to-follow cooking courses. For more visit www.veecoco.com

Wicked Healthy Food

The chefs at Wicked Healthy appear as though they’re having fun cooking vegan. Apparently, they want to spread the good times by offering their Kids Cooking Class free just to get you and your family in the mood for more. For more visit www.wickedhealthyfood.com

Vegan Coach

New to the vegan world? This 6-week online cooking course may be for you as it specializes in helping vegan newbies get started. For more visit www.vegancoach.com 

Vegan Gastronomy

Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy Plant Based Vegan Online Training labels itself as a unique interactive online platform that not only enables students to be in the classroom while sitting in the comfort of their home, but actively engages all students. The interactive platform merges social media, real-time streaming, and interactive training. For more visit www.vegangastronomy.com

Pure Joy Planet

A broad-based approach, this vegan and vegetarian online cooking school uses comprehensive instructional videos and lesson booklets, to demonstrate how to cook satisfying raw and vegan or vegetarian dishes. For more visit www.purejoyplanet.com

The Happy Pear

The Happy Pear stresses not only its ability to help students learn how to cook vegan meals, it also underscores the health benefits its students reportedly gain—such as weight loss, improved heart health, enhanced energy levels and gut/skin repair. For more visit www.happypearcourses.com


Eyes Up

Let us know at info@wellwellusa.com how you fared if you signed up for any of these classes or if there are other online offerings worth flagging.






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