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Yikes! Snakes In a Toilet Bowl?

It Freakin’ Can & Does Happen

Snakes can curl up in a toilet bowl

By John Salak –

Most of us have fears. Clowns, rats, heights, spiders and germs are all among the top phobias. These can all give people a raging case of the eby jeebies when confronted with these triggers.

But what if a phobia, such as ophidiophobia, was heightened by the worst possible confrontation, even if that situation is improbable? Well, the bad news for those who fear snakes, yes, ophidiophobia, is that finding a snake curled up in a toilet is a possibility. In fact, Michelle Lespron was confronted with such a situation when she returned to her Tucson, Arizona home in July.

“I’d been gone for four days and was looking forward to using my restroom in peace. I lifted the lid, and he or she was curled up,” Lespron told The Associated Press. “Thank God the lid was closed.”

When family members were unable to get rid of the snake, a professional service, Rattlesnake Solutions, had to be called in to clear away the critter. “Everybody has the same reaction: Oh my god, that’s my worst nightmare,” Lespron reported.

Unfortunately, this snake-in-the-bowl scenario does happen, especially in warmer climates like Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. In Australia, snakes are regularly found in bowls, prompting residents in hot and dry areas to take a peek before taking a seat.

Admittedly, snakes aren’t looking to freak anyone out by settling in a toilet bowl. They generally are just looking for a place to chill, literally. And what better place than a cool toilet

“Snakes are sometimes attracted to dark, damp places, and a toilet bowl can provide the right conditions for them to explore,” notes the plumbing advice site, The Plumbette of Australia.

“Snakes can not only find their way into your toilet bowl, they can swim through sewers and contort themselves through the s bend of your toilet pan to say hello,” added Augur Pro Plumbing, also from the land down under.

Okay, this reality is bound to freak people out—even those not generally spooked by snakes. The good news is that while snakes can curl up in a bowl, it is still pretty rare. It is virtually unheard of anywhere but dry, hot regions.

Of course, Augur Pro Plumbing still recommends sealing up any exposed pipes and not leaving anything near bathrooms, like food, that could attack snakes or other critters.

WellWell would also advise taking a peek before taking a seat.





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