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A Pain In The Neck…And Other Places

Common Injuries For Weekend Warriors

common sports injuries

The Skinny

The byproducts of working out or simply playing a friendly game of tennis, volleyball or softball are myriad. They are lots of health and social gains to be had by leaving a little sweat or even skin in the game. Unfortunately, there are also plenty of common injuries that can surface from a few hours in the gym or a little friend competition. While some may just seem like garden variety aches and pains, the discomfort could mask more serious issues—ones that could need medical attention. Don’t worry, WellWell has put together a cheat sheet to help identify the difference.

The Skinny

Hip Flexor Sprain

This is a kind of trendy sounding injury that is tied to muscles found on the upper-front side of an individual’s thigh. These flexor muscles are critical to lifting knees upward and moving legs back on forth. Anyone can suffer from a hip flexor sprain, but they can be particularly problematic for people who sit a lot or have poor posture. They also occur when someone is sprinting, running up inclines for engaged in quick turns and sudden starts.

Back Injuries/Back Pain

Back pain and injuries can occur from almost any sports activity. They can also surface from accumulated stress that generates inflammation around the vertebrae and back muscles. Obviously, sudden movements or jarring impacts can also lead to problems. Warming up before working out, keeping back muscles strong and flexible through low-impact activities and maintaining a good diet is the best way to avoid problems.

Shin Splints

Shin splints are extremely painful as lots of runners can attest. They result in shooting pain down the front of the leg. While runners experience lots of these, shin splints can hit anyone who doesn’t exercise regularly or who get too intense too quickly in their workouts. The splints can even lead to stress fractures. Resting is one option to relieve the pain, but if that doesn’t work ice can help minor shin splints. If the pain persists, see a doctor. The best way to avoid splints is wearing proper shoes, stretching before working out and keeping exercise within reasonable limits.


Think sciatica, think searing pain that runs from the lower back through to the hips and buttocks and down each leg. Lack of stretching is one cause, especially for individuals involved in cycling, running, golf and tennis. Rest and anti-inflammatory medication is the first line of treatment. More significant issues could requirement physical therapy.

Knee Injuries

Working out or playing sports are a common gateway to knee injuries because of the stress these joints experience from running, jumping, kicking, etc. Not all knee injuries are the same. Major issues can result in ligament tears that can sideline someone for weeks or months if orthopedic surgery is required. Minor sprains, which are more common, can be treated with physical therapy and rest.

Tennis Elbow

Everyone has either heard of or experienced tennis elbow, which essentially amounts to inflammation of the epicondyle. Not surprisingly, it comes from a person repeatedly loading and swinging their arms. The process leads to tiny tears developing in the elbow ligament which causes pain. Rest, ice and medication can help. Sometimes braces are recommended.

Achilles Tendonitis

Overuse of the back of the ankle can inflame the Achilles Tendon and cause major pain. The best way to preclude this type of injury is to strengthen calf muscle and stretch before working out. Use RICE if injured: rest, ice, compression and elevate. Anti-inflammatories can also help.

Hamstring Strain

Play sports at almost any level and chances are a hamstring strain is in the future. Extremely common, the injury is often experienced by long distance runners, swimmers, sprinters, gymnasts and football players, among others. Poor balance and flexibility, along with a failure to warm up properly, are all causes.

Wrist Injuries

Wrist injuries are pretty common for lots of athletes, especially those using their wrists a lot like basketball players. The injury occurs when the wrist ligaments are stretched beyond their limits and torn.

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