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How Healthy Are You?

Staci Smith

Thankful For The Boost

By Sean Zucker – Thanksgiving is nothing if not a memorable day. For some, they’ll reminisce about the huge meal or full slate of NFL action. Others will look back

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Are Alexa and Siri teaching our children to be rude?

Alexa Apparently Isn’t All Powerful

By John Salak –   Too many people are probably talking too much to robots or as they’re known in the trade, conversational agents, such as Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri. It’s bad enough that adults are constantly

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The impact of food access to dieting and weight-loss

Seeking Weight-Loss Solutions

By John Salak –   Maybe the collective failure of “dieting” isn’t the fault of weak dieters. Perhaps it’s the fault of how dieting is defined in the face of the modern food

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Feeding a picky eater

Don’t Stress Over Picky Eaters

By John Salak –   Even though just about everyone has seen it, there is no medical definition for “picky eating” among children and adolescents. But that doesn’t mean problem eaters aren’t at risk of

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