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Ace Exchange

WellWell speaks with author of "The Beast of Boggy Creek" about unexplained events and sightings.

A Cryptozoologist’s Quest

Mysteries, ghost stories, UFOs, and unexplained events and sightings can draw in almost anyone. People often want mysteries to be true even if they know they’re probably not. This collective

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How to break idiotic and self-destructive behavior

Overwhelming Idiots Everywhere

Let’s face it. There are a lot of stupid people running around. Just look to your right and left and you’re bound to see them. Chances are some idiot is also staring back at you from

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Maximize holiday cheer with a minimalist Christmas

Maximize Holiday Cheer

You don’t need to be Clark Griswold to know that Christmas is stressful. But even Sparky would shutter at the ongoing challenges this holiday season presents from the continuing presence

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Tips on how to stay clam this Christmas

A Christmas Calm

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. No, not because there’s snow on the ground. But because there are hordes of uber-stressed people anxiously roaming shopping malls trying to

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