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How Healthy Are You?

Ace Exchange

The challenges and advantages to being vegan during Thanksgiving.

Taking Out The Bird

Thanksgiving can be a hard time for us all. The pressure of preparing a huge meal, long traffic-ridden travel and family fights just to name a few of the tension-raising

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An Intro To Middle Earth Cuisine

Having Hobbits For Dinner?

Tolkien’s world of Middle Earth has been captivating readers for almost a century with beautiful imagery and expansive lore. Luckily for fans and newbies alike, his creation will soon be captivating

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The misconceptions associated with psychics

Connecting With A Psychic At Halloween

Ever have an inexplicable gut feeling about something or experience Deja vu? Most just shuck these feelings as pure coincidence, however, some suggest these vibes are the groundwork of developing psychic abilities. Chanda Parkinson is one of them. WellWell spoke

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Witchcraft misconceptions and practical benefits

Conjuring The Glam Witch

When thinking of witchcraft, daily self-care and nourishment aren’t likely some of the first things that come to mind. However, maybe they should as it might just be an untapped

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Horror Film Poems

Waxing Poetic About Horror

Poetry and horror movies. At first glance, the two seem to have little in common. One’s about blood gushing and the other’s about gushing hearts. But Christoph Paul recognized a significant connection between

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