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How Healthy Are You?


insights on the world's ultimate scenic trails and national parks.

Walking On Sunshine

There is no shortage of great places to hike and interact with nature in the US. But how do other terrains across the globe fair when it comes to this

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Tri-State Escape

The Skinny Take a hike has taken on a whole new meaning or at least value in the last couple of months. Instead of a command to get lost, it

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A Polarizing Regime

By Jessica Scarpati – When Jennifer Lopez performed gravity-defying acrobatics on a metal pole during this year’s Super Bowl halftime show, many parents shielded their children’s eyes and frantically sought

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When Pain Doesn’t Bring Gains

By Saskia Salak – You’ve seen it everywhere. The promise plastered on billboards, promoted in daytime talk shows, harped about online and touted in supermarket magazines. Even your trashy sitcoms

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