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Portable Workout Wonders Abound

Fitness Options For Travelers or Home Bodies

 The Skinny

The days of the traditional road warrior are pretty much on hold as companies curtail business travel during the pandemic. But people, nonetheless, are starting to venture out a bit on trips for business and pleasure. And when they do, many want or need to find new ways to work out given that private or hotel gyms are currently restricted or still shut down completely. Ditto for people still working remotely who can’t for whatever reason go to a gym right now. WellWell is here to help out. We’ve identified eight different portable workout products that are great for road warriors or anyone looking to break a sweat at home without taking up too much room.

The Slate

It’s The Boss

The BodyBoss 2.0 offers a complete customizable resistance training system that’s great for the home or road. Each resistance band provides roughly 30 pounds of pressure at its normal length, but it can be adjusted to increase resistance up to 70-80 pounds per band. The VectorFit Base Platform has been stress tested to withstand up to 500 pounds of force.

Flexible Results

FlexPacks through OYO Personal Gym are highly portable, take up almost no space and offer an alternative to free weights and resistance bands. FlexPacks’ snap-on adjustments provide up to 25 pounds of resistance, although it feels like more because there is no momentum gains that are associated with free-weights. The OYO Gym only weighs a couple of pounds and folds up to go anywhere.

Water Weights

The Kamagon Ball Evolve is a refillable water-weight that creates a “hydro inertia” impact which engages numerous muscle fibers when performing the most basic to advanced exercises. Water lines imprinted on the ball allow for accurate water measurement. When empty, the Kamagon Ball is easy to store or travel with.

Pocket Power

The Activ5 Portable Isometric is a Bluetooth-enabled isometric strength training device that fits into your pocket. The included Activ5 Trainer App provides over 100 custom exercises to build arms, legs and upper and lower body muscles. It also tracks workout data and helps participants build toward their goals.

Jump To It

Rope jumping is not and never has been just for children. It is a high-intensity cardiovascular workout that requires balance, strength and agility. A jump rope is also lightweight and perfect to toss in a suitcase for travel or to stick in a desk draw for home-bound workouts.

Get A Grip

Hand grips may look at little dated, but these compact and portable lever-type devices are ideal for building up arm strength and muscle. They are perfect for anyone interested in building strength for football, martial arts, weightlifting, baseball, tennis or golf.

Spring Into Action

The Python Power Twister is a torsion spring exercise device that offers multiple resistances levels by moving a user’s hands closer or farther away from the rubber grip handles. The Twister can tone the chest, shoulders, back and arms. It is lightweight and highly portable.

Bow Power

Gorilla Bow Travel is a collapsible and ultra-portable resistance-band workout product that offers a total body workout at home or while traveling. The travel bow weighs only 6 pounds and can be broken down into three 21-inch sections. Assembled the bow measures 56 inches in length has a capacity of up to 350 pounds of tension.

 Eyes Up

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