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How Healthy Are You?

Personal Care

Amazon’s top ten healthcare products

Hot & Personally Healthy

The Goods  There is no shortage of health and wellness products on the market to ease what ails a person. In fact, there are undoubtedly millions of items that offer

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Health benefits of hot versus cold showers

The Ultimate Soap Opera

By Andrew Amouzou –    When it comes to shower temperature, some prefer it mildly warm while others need the water scorching hot. Those choices are easy enough. But it takes

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shower or bath

A Clean Debate

By Andrew Amouzou – Nothing beats a nice, hot bath at the end of a hard day’s work, right? Well, maybe a warm shower right before going to sleep does.

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Healthy hair habits

Healthy Natural Hair Care

The Skinny Samson, Rapunzel, Goldilocks, Tiny Tim (Herbert Butros Khaury), Ron Burgundy, Cher—let’s face it, men and women are generally fixated on their hair and the mops of others. This

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Does mastic gum work

Mastic Is Magnificent

By Sean Zucker – Is chewing gum really good for teeth? It’s tough not to think about that after watching a Trident or Orbit commercial boosting dental health. The answer

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benefits of showering less

What’s The Stink About?

By John Salak – It’s easy to become addicted to showers. They are a cross between a refreshing wakeup call and a soothing and inexpensive massage. Little wonder then that

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