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A Breath of Foul Air

Prime Reasons for Stink Breath

Bad breath and halitosis as unpleasant odor coming out of a mouth as the smell of garlic onions fish or cheese.

The Skinny:

Bad breath is a social and personal bummer, a silent but deadly killjoy unleashed every time an offender opens their mouth. Sure, certain foods can trigger an ominously odiferous explosion (think garlic). But there are other causes that are difficult to overcome, even with toothbrushing or a mouthful of Listerine or Scope. Worse yet, these culprits may not just be stinking up the joint but signal deep problems. Either way, WellWell has put together a refreshing list of breath-defying problems. Read on.

The Slate:


Sure, coffee alone isn’t great from someone’s breath. But the problems go beyond simply having a few cups each morning. The caffeine in coffee causes a decline in saliva production, which leads to an increase in odor-causing bacteria.

Dry Mouth

Look no further than dry mouth for the cause of morning breath. When a mouth lacks moisture, foul-smelling bacteria collects everywhere, which has smelly consequences. Problems creep up at night because salivary glands are less active in the wee hours. The best defense is to brush and floss your teeth before nodding out.

Smoking and Tobacco

There are all sorts of reasons to avoid smoking, one of which causes bad breath. Tobacco products can lead to gum disease, which can generate odor, and limit an individual’s sense of smell, making them unaware when they are at their worst.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

GERD is a problem that occurs when the muscle ring at the base of the esophagus does not properly function. It can create digestive issues. Not surprisingly, GERD’s linked to bad breath, among other problems. Treatments include medications and lifestyle changes.

Gum Disease

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is caused when plaque builds up on teeth. Failure to brush and floss properly effectively leads to toxins forming inside the mouth, which causes bad breath.

Very Low Carb Diets

Very-low-carb diets are a popular way for the body to fuel itself using stored fats rather than incoming carbs. It may or may not be a great way to lose weight, but it is a pathway to keto-breath, which occurs when the body emits ketones, which smell like acetones or nail polish remover.

Poor Dental Hygiene

Keep brushing and flossing—along with getting annual cleanings. Poor dental hygiene is a prime cause of bad breath.

Eyes Up: 

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