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Gifting The Health Nut In Your Life

Seven Feel-Good Options

The Skinny

Who doesn’t want great looking hair, skin and teeth. (That’s a rhetorical question). The problem getting there is that a lot of the related products may not be great for those using them or the environment. WellWell is here to help with some product suggestions that not only stand a decent chance of making someone look and feel better, they can also make great holiday gifts or perhaps stocking stuffers, especially for the health nut in your life.

The Slate

Sweet Rubs

Look to sugar body scrubs as a great and healthy way to exfoliate skin. They keep skin robust by removing dead cells, taking away dirt and excess oil and giving your face a circulation boost. They’re particularly effective because glycolic acid occurs naturally in sugar, which is super for cleaning and gently getting rid of skin cells. As a humectant, these rubs strip skin of dead cells without removing precious natural oils.

Here’s Mud In Your Face

Okay, mud generally doesn’t have the best reputation, but it is great for skincare because it absorbs oil, deep cleans pores and tosses out impurities. Now, if mud is in your face’s future, look to the Dead Sea. The mud there apparently does a better job than kaolin and other clays because it comes from a salt water lake that is rich in skin boosting minerals such as sodium, magnesium, calcium, bromide, and potassium.

Keep It Clean

Everyone seems to want to go natural and why not start with body washes or maybe shampoos. Body washes not only treat your skin better thanks to their gentle surfactants and plant-based organic ingredients, they’re also better for the environment. Organic shampoos, admittedly, don’t have the best reputation on the luster-aiding front and until recently that’s been a fair assessment. Now, however, that’s changing because of a flood of improvements that means organic shampoos can help just about any hair types growth, nourish, hydrate and shine. And like organic body washes, they are free of potentially harmful ingredients.  Try them both. There is nothing to lose with these effective and green solutions.

Passing The Smell Test

There is something off putting about big brand deodorants that almost smell as bad as the unwashed masses. This is one reason to consider shifting to natural deodorants. They not only skip the sweetly, fake smell of popular brands, they are also safer use and avoid doing too much to hurt Mother Earth in their production. Consider that for years rumors have surfaced that the aluminum chloride and parabens found in traditional antiperspirants might link to cancer. So, why not go natural.

Something To Smile About

Natural toothpastes are something of a rage now because, among other reasons, they avoid using harmful ingredients like propylene glycol (a solvent that’s actually found in some anti-freezes), diethanolamine (a possible skin irritant), and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS, an abrasive cleansing agent). They also skip color additives, sweeteners and synthetically produced fluoride, which has its detractors. Better still, there are plenty of inviting options to choose from.

Lip Smacking Good

Lipsticks may help make someone alluring, but traditional brands have been loaded for potentially harmful ingredients, which is never a good look on anyone. Thankfully, organic and natural lipsticks abound. Made from real fruit, herbs and plant extracts, they not only look great, they shy away from lake and artificial dyes. Instead, they rely organic fruit pigments from teas, natural earth minerals and real berries to generate colors. Better yet, some are more than just cosmetic. Organic lipsticks now come with vitamins, antioxidants, and plant oils and butters, all of which help make lips soft and healthy.

Bags Away

The skin around the eyes is some of the body’s most delicate and important when it comes to looking healthy. When this skin starts to dry out, people can easily look older than their years. Dry skin here can also be a gateway to deeper health problems. This is one reason many now rely on eye creams to remain looking and feeling healthy. Unfortunately, many eye creams can create as many problems as they solve by inhibiting the limited oil glands around the eyes from generating sufficient moisture. Organic eye creams can help, although they can be relatively pricey. The extra cost, however, may be worth it if a particular cream can not only promote moisture but also add nutrients to keep that skin healthy and wrinkle free.

Eyes Up

Got a suggestion for some natural skincare products? Let us know at info@wellwellusa.com








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