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Hangover Relief Au Naturel

Easy Remedies For Overindulgence

 The Skinny

WellWell isn’t recommending anyone imbibe too much this New Year’s. But let’s face it. A lot of people are going to toss a few back regardless. This year, in fact, people may be drinking more than ever thanks to 2020’s depressing consequences and the fact the most states are locking down one way or the other. So, what’s the solution for stabilizing a body that’s over indulged? We’ve rounded up a few relatively natural hangover remedies that might just help.

The Slate

Korean Pear Juice

The juice of a Korean pear (also known as an Asian pear) can work wonders. It only takes about an 8-ounce glass of this juice to help lower blood pressure and lessen the intensity of a hangover. The catch—and there is almost always one? Korean pear juice really only works if it is taken before going out on the town.

Bacon and Eggs

Old reliable isn’t just a feel good, taste good myth. A plate of bacon and eggs will actually help battle a hangover because it contains the amino acid cysteine. This will help decrease the amount of acetaldehyde in a person’s body, which is a byproduct of drinking and may contribute to hangover symptoms. Vegans take heart. Broccoli contains lots of cysteine as well.


What’s the worst symptom of a hangover, nausea or a pounding headache? Those voting for nausea may want to look to ginger for relief. It has long been recognized as a stomach-settling elixir. Ginger’s chemical compounds are the key to easing stomach pain and aiding digestion. Another plus for ginger is that it can be consumed in lots of different ways.


The Chinese have been touting ginseng’s medicinal properties for thousands of years. Recent studies now proclaim a drink made from red ginseng also has the power to get rid of a hangover. Funnily enough, another unrelated herb that goes by almost the same name, Siberian ginseng, also tackled headaches, dizziness and problems—all of which are ugly byproducts of a hangover. Fortunately, whether related or not, Chinese and Siberian ginsengs seem to do the trick.


Anything that is high in potassium is likely to be a potent weapon against hangovers. This is where potassium-loaded bananas come into play. The electrolytes they hold can make up for what’s been depleted by drinking and offset resulting hangover symptoms like fatigue, headaches, nausea, muscle cramps and low energy.

Mexican Coke

The Coke that is made in Mexico may be a winning remedy against hangovers for two reasons. First, the caffeine in Coke helps constricts the brain’s blood vessels and that can help lessen a pounding headache. More importantly, because Coke produced in Mexico contains traditional sugar unlike the Coke made in the US which uses high-fructose corn syrup, Mexican Coke raises a body’s glucose levels more quickly than other sodas, which reduces general crankiness and other related hangover symptoms.

Spicy Food

South Korea offers haejangguk or what’s otherwise known as hangover soup. This incredibly spicy breakfast soup is apparently the go-to choice for anyone needing to kick start their morning if they’ve had too many drinks the night before. Okay, haejangguk may not be easy to get outside of Seoul, but other localized spicy foods and drink may have the same anti-hangover effect.


A very trendy way to beat a hangover, kombucha offers an antioxidant-rich solution that helps detox the liver. Since it is rich in probiotics, kombucha can also help settle a stomach and reduce inflammation, all of which was outlined last year in WellWell.

Eyes Up

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