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Healthy Office Habits

Good For You & The Boss

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The Skinny:

Working requires a lot of thought—or it should. What many of America’s 160 million employed often overlook is how to take care of themselves while on the job. What’s required or suggested, can vary by job and circumstance. But the common denominator is that a person who takes care of themselves while at work is a healthier, happier, and more productive individual. Need some tips on self-care while on the clock? Don’t worry. WellWell has you covered. Here are 8 tips for office workers. Read on.

The Slate:


Get off your butt. Sitting for extended periods can cause many health problems. As a rule of thumb, it is good to move around every 30 minutes. Set an alarm as a reminder if needed. Multitasking can accomplish two things at once by taking phone calls on the move. It helps to burn calories and battles other issues.

Nappies Are Snappy

Okay, WellWell is not suggesting office workers should pull on their pajamas and curl up on their desks to sleep for hours on end. Chances are this will annoy the boss and lead the sleepers in question to the unemployment line. But if a person is overcome with fatigue to the extent that they’re unable to concentrate, there is nothing wrong with grabbing a quick cat nap. Flag the boss first and keep the nap short. Chances are catching a few ZZZZsss with increased productivity for the rest of the day.

Water Up

Office work and drinking coffee (or soda) are synonymous. Water is a much better alternative; drink lots of it. Water fills up stomachs, which lessens cravings for coffee, tea, and unhealthy snacks. It can also ward off fatigue. Put a slice of lime, lemon or cucumber in it for a flavor boost.


Walks are good, and so also stretching. Every few hours, do a few back, arm, and neck stretches, to activate the muscles that may have become dormant when sitting at a desk.

Positive Posture 

Computer work usually means sitting all day at a computer. This makes focusing on proper posture essential. Backs should be straight, and shoulders relaxed. Core exercises help if posture deteriorates during the day. Some of these can be done right at the desk. Another posture-supporting tip is to position your computer properly.

Pack A Lunch

It can be tough to make healthy eating choices with the limited local lunch options. Packing a lunch bag is one way to ensure healthier alternatives and a great way to save money.

Mission Vacation

Americans are not great at taking vacations, which is not a healthy habit. A complete break from work is a stress-relieving practice that helps people relax and refocus.

Eyes Up: 

What’s your go-to office practice? Let us know at info@wellwellusa.com.

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