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Perfect Pooches for Kids

Eight Family-Friendly Dogs

an african american father and daughter enjoying spending time with dog in the bed.

The Skinny:

Dogs and kids go together like peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs, and gin and tonic. Dogs benefit families and kids in all sorts of ways, and everyone has their preferences as to what type of dog they want. It is a choice that usually reflects the family’s size, location and activities. There is almost no wrong choice. WellWell has pulled together some options to consider for families looking for a dog but might not be sure of exactly which pup to pick. Read on.

The Slate:

Boston Terrier 

These 25-pound pooches are people-oriented and low maintenance. They are great for apartment-dwelling families but enjoy being outside for walks and playing with kids.


Pugs are extremely popular these days because they are exuberant, clever and comical. They are also relatively small at about 20 pounds, eager to play, low-maintenance, quiet and good with small children. Pugs are also great snugglers.

French Bulldog 

French Bulldogs are small but big in personality and are great canine companions for families living in apartments or smaller houses. They are great with kids and very tolerant.

Irish Setter

The Irish Setter is a playful and energetic dog that is a person- and child-friendly companion. They are best when they’re hanging out with family members. Considered intelligent and trainable breed, Irish Setters are ideal for families with a yard or easy access to outdoor space.


Think beagles, think Snoopy. Cool and friendly, these are hunting dogs, which means they’re great for outdoor play and activities. They are also great with other animals, like cats. They are best for families and kids who want to interact with their dogs.

Shetland Sheepdog

Often called Shelties, these dogs are small herding dogs that trace their origins to Scotland’s farmlands. They are great with the children in their own families but may be reserved with outside kids and individuals.

Brussels Griffon

These mighty mites top out at about 10 pounds. Their size, however, doesn’t limit their ability to play and interact with families. It’s important that since they are small, they don’t get hurt through excessive roughhousing with kids.


This fluffy pup is a family-friendly breed that looks like a small Husky. Noted for their great facial expressions, Keeshonds adjust quickly to being part of a family and hanging out with kids.

Eyes Up: 

Have a kid-friendly pooch of choice? Let us know at info@wellwellusa.com.

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