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Lighten Up That Pie

Healthy Alternatives For Pizza

The Skinny

For many of us, pizza is like a big hug for our taste buds. What’s especially great is that you can pile pretty much anything you want on top of a pizza. Of course, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Throw too much of the “wrong” stuff on top of your pie and you’re literally concocting a recipe for nutritional disaster that’s laden with calories, fat and salt. Don’t worry, WellWell is here to help with a list of healthy alternatives that won’t hurt you or your pie.

The Slate 

Build A Whole Wheat Base

Many believe whole wheat pizza crust is the way to go. It contains no white flour, very little salt or refined sugar and just a smidge of oil. Not on a highly restrictive diet? Add a little more extra-virgin olive oil, sugar and salt to the mix.

Getting Saucy

Some claim the best part of a pizza is the crust. Others maintain it is the sauce. Let’s face it, both critical to a great pie. There are lots of tasty premade sauces options available, but many are calorie heavy. Thankfully, making your own sauce is easy  So here are a couple of healthy homemade options to consider. Kimberley Eggleston’s sauce recipe, for example, just requires canned tomatoes and some spices. Looking to enhance antioxidant activity? Try this lycopene sauce recipe from Spotebi. It focuses on making lycopene more accessible and bioavailable through cooking tomatoes for the sauce. That’s no small consideration because lycopene is reputed to be the most effective biological carotenoid, a great way to block the negative impact of free radicals.

Topping If Off

Homemade pizza is a great way to get your daily fill of vegetables and increase nutrient intake. What to add? Well, name it. Aside for tomatoes, onions, peppers, olives, courgettes and aubergines are all winners. Looking for a little meat? Parma ham and other lean meats add protein and flavor without killing your nutritional balance. And don’t forget the greens as a topping. Spinach, kale, chard, among others are nutritional and taste boosters.

Mutz Is A Must

Pizza and mozzarella form an iconic connection. That’s perfect because mozzarella has less fat, including saturated fat, than other types of cheese. If you’re going with mutz, get it fresh because it is lower in sodium than the processed, pre-shredded kind.

Seasoned Approach.

Skip or at least limit salt. Go instead with fresh or dried herbs such as oregano, basil or parsley. Fresh garlic is a great choice too. If you want to get spicy, ground chipotle peppers, smoked paprika or crushed red pepper flakes all work.

Eyes Up

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