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Memorial Day Reflection

Take A Moment To Say Thanks

Memorial Day organizations

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Memorial Day is too often a misdirected holiday. For most, it signals the beginning of the summer season and all the goes with it. In reality, it is a day to remember the men and women in all branches of service who have given their lives in aid of their country. WellWell solemnly pays tribute to every service member who has made such a sacrifice. We also want to encourage others to be thankful to the more than one million active-duty personnel currently on duty across the world. One way to say thank you is to support legitimate organizations dedicated to helping ease the burden of service personnel and their families through gifts, programs and care packages. A list of just some of these organizations is presented here.


The Slate

Operation Gratitude

Operations Gratitude’s mission is to forge strong bonds between Americans and their Military and First Responder heroes through volunteer service projects, acts of gratitude, and meaningful engagements in communities nationwide.

Soldier’s Angels

Soldiers’ Angels is a volunteer-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing aid and comfort to the men and women of the United States Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, their families, and a growing veteran population. Founded by the mother of two American soldiers, and now enlisting thousands of volunteers, Soldiers’ Angels helps send care packages and letters, homemade treats, unique handmade items and more to men and women in uniform everywhere.

Project Thank You

Project Thank You has spent more than a decade sending thousands of care packages to service personnel around the world.

Operation Care And Comfort

OCC may have started small by sending monthly care packages to 19 service members in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now provides support and comfort to dozens of “adopted” units of deployed U.S. military service members, serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other conflict regions.

Military Missions In Action

MMIA’s work includes helping veterans who need construction project assistance due to disabilities or sub-standard living conditions. The group also sends care packages to units that are down-range as well as assisting military families in need.

STANO Foundation

The Stano Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is focused on enhancing the lives of U.S. Armed Forces, veterans, and their families. A central part of the foundation’s efforts is to send customized care packages to units around that globe, providing service member what they need and want most.


Eyes Up

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