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Quiz: Is This Your First Time Golfing Or Getting High?

first time golfing

By Sean Zucker – 

  1. Your friends pressured you into it.
  2. You’re first on the green.
  3. You’re all in a secluded field covered by trees and forest.
  4. You’re taking multiple unfamiliar hits that are hurting your body.
  5. Everyone else is wearing funky, colorful clothes.
  6. Other people are drinking beer.
  7. Your palms are sweaty.
  8. Actually, your entire body’s surprisingly sweaty.
  9. It’s making you much thirstier than you thought it would.
  10. There’s a lot of talk of bogeys in between hits.
  11. One of your friend’s is insanely angry.
  12. Another is going on and on about how they’d prefer this as a simulation.
  13. Seems like every round involves taking a greenie.
  14. It’s repetitive, yet exciting.
  15. By the end, you enjoyed yourself much more than you thought you would.
  16. You plan to do this at least once a week going forward.
  17. It’s quickly becoming all you talk about.
  18. Your girlfriend wishes you’d cut back.
  19. It’s costing you a small fortune.
  20. This is your personality now.

1-11, 14-16: You’re baked my friend, welcome to 8th grade.

1-20: Congratulations on your future back pain.






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