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Summer 2021 Is Open For Business & Love

Five Hot Date Destinations

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The Skinny

Gone are the days when masked miniature golfing and picnics seemed to be the most popular date ideas for a pandemic-strapped romance. Now that more than 135 million Americans are fully vaccinated, cities and states are reopening big time—albeit with some restrictions still in place. This means summer 2021 is looking to be more active than it’s been in a Covid-19 while, especially for those in a romantic relationship. Of course, WellWell has put together a short list of places that may offer couples the “normal” summer that they have long been waiting for.


The Slate

Movie Theaters

Arguably one of the biggest industries hit by the pandemic, movie theaters across the nation expect to have a summer of redemption. In fact, the largest movie theater chain in the nation, AMC, saw close to $4.6 billion go down the drain and AMC CEO Adam Aron said that it has been the “most challenging market conditions in the 100-year history of the company.” With movies such as Space Jam: A New Legacy, Black Widow and F9 set to rack in the big bucks this summer, the idea of going to the movies is finally an attainable goal for couples.


Lalapalooza, The Summer Smash Festival, and Summerfest are three mega-concerts among a list of many small and large musical events that will be revived this summer. A galore for music fans all around, concerts are anywhere from an all-day obligation to a simple evening excursion. Buying a concert ticket is so encouraged that the Milwaukee Health Department will be giving away free Summerfest tickets, an event that is headlined by Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers, Chance the Rapper, Green Day and more. Got a partner who’s a fan live music then it may be time to add concerts to the summer to-do list.


Almost all the states are either completely reopened or have at least scheduled date to bring back the “normal” lifestyle people have craved since March 2020. A trip downtown may now allow everything from visiting popular landmarks, eating at tony restaurants, going to museums, shopping trips and more. But be safe with any city summer plans and double-check if and when local restrictions will be lifted. Check out the The New York Times’ complete list here.

The Beach

In the heat of the summer, it is unlikely to find a desolate beach, unless you are in a global pandemic, of course. Thankfully, now that at least  40 percent of Americans are fully vaccinated, city officials are comfortable allowing beachgoers to enjoy the sand and water this summer. Aside from a possible parking fee, going to the beach is one of the least expensive date ideas for a hot summer day.

Amusement Parks

This summer there will be no excuses for not climbing aboard rollercoasters at Six Flags or other theme parks. Sure the pandemic underscored that threat that germs are everywhere, especially at places like amusement parks that host millions of people. But take heart, theme parks are aware of the dangers. Six Flags, for example, has implemented a robust reopening safety plan that aims to help prevent another surge in COVID-19 cases. So go ahead, enjoy a romantic day full of go-karts, funnel cake, rollercoasters and arcade games.


Eyes Up

What is the first place you plan to take a date this summer? Let us know at info@wellwellusa.com.





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