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How Healthy Are You?


Shake, Rattle & Roll

The Skinny The world never seems to be short on new exercise programs designed to lose weight, build muscle and enhance a person’s overall fitness. A lot of these options

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Sweat & Light’s Benefits

By John Salak – And you thought exercise was good for just building muscle and maybe shedding that unsightly flab. Well, the University of Virginia Health System reports it might

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A Bow-Dacious Stretch

By John Salak – Almost everyone is familiar with Gorilla Glue and Gorilla Tape. How about Gorilla Bows? Those not deeply immersed in heavy duty workouts or resistance training may

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A 20-minute break from work can reduce anxiety levels.

Stressed Out & Anxious?

By John Salak – Stress is all around us. Proof really isn’t needed for the vast majority of strung-out people fretting about this or that. But just in case some

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A Polarizing Regime

By Jessica Scarpati – When Jennifer Lopez performed gravity-defying acrobatics on a metal pole during this year’s Super Bowl halftime show, many parents shielded their children’s eyes and frantically sought

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When Pain Doesn’t Bring Gains

By Saskia Salak – You’ve seen it everywhere. The promise plastered on billboards, promoted in daytime talk shows, harped about online and touted in supermarket magazines. Even your trashy sitcoms

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