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How Healthy Are You?


Kiss Mistletoe Goodbye

By John Salak – In a year best described as humbug central, perhaps the biggest holiday bummer is at hand. For obvious and unrelenting health-related reasons, there will be virtually

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One Troubling Midlife Moment

All women eventually will experience menopause and with it comes emotional and physical consequences that dwarf anything a man with declining testosterone may encounter. Beyond menopause itself, the process leading

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Taking Out The Bird

Thanksgiving can be a hard time for us all. The pressure of preparing a huge meal, long traffic-ridden travel and family fights just to name a few of the tension-raising

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Facing The Retail Blues

By Chuck Kouri — Ever feel your shopping experience is, well, less than enthralling? Just about everyone does. Women, however, especially feel the pain because statistically they are primary household

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Hidden Pond Tree Farm

The Skinny: Family-owned and operated Christmas tree farm offers a traditional yet unique holiday experience that goes well beyond your usual grab-and-go tree buying event. The Krispy: Need a little

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