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Hidden Pond Tree Farm

Field Of Christmas Dreams

The Skinny:

Family-owned and operated Christmas tree farm offers a traditional yet unique holiday experience that goes well beyond your usual grab-and-go tree buying event.

The Krispy:

Need a little holiday magic? Think about visiting Hidden Pond Tree Farm. Just 45 minutes west of Manhattan, Hidden Pond Tree Farm is a holiday gem whose aura takes over the moment you arrive. As you drive by the pond that shields the farm, you’re welcomed by a beautiful country road leading towards a picturesque clearing where majestic live spruce and Fraser fir trees reach up to 9 and 12 feet tall, respectively. A genuine, if rarely encountered, family-oriented holiday vibe immediately embraces visitors. Offering free hot chocolate, marshmallow bonfire roasts and hayrides (along with tree netting and tie-up), a visit to Hidden Pond is like walking into a Norman Rockwell painting, thanks to owners, who are dedicated to creating authentic holiday fun for the entire family. In addition to trees, the farm offers handmade wreaths, which like everything else, is made onsite to ensure the most eco-friendly impact. Hidden Pond, in fact, has become so popular, this year alone nearly 200 families visited the holiday tree farm before it officially opened to shoot their personal holiday photos. Better yet, Hidden Pond is now open 7 days a week to ensure everyone has a chance to get their own splash of Christmas ambiance.

The Voice:

“People leave with great trees but what we’re really selling is a wonderful Christmas experience and family memory.”

– Chris Nicholson, Founder, Hidden Pond Tree Farm

The Reach:

4 West Field Road
Mendham, NJ 07945
(973) 865-6362




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